Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUM37 A-Time Essence 30ml

SUM37 A-Time Essence 30ml

The new product of October has arrived!
I've been waiting for this product for so long. 
This time, it's a A-Time Essence, which is an essence that reapply on top of your makeup.
I didn't know what to do with my makeup because of my skin that has become dry since Autumn. The mist wasn't a solution for me because it merely made my skin moist temporarily. 
I am sure that these are the kind of problem that at lot of people are worried about..
SUM has released an essence that can be tapped into your skin even when you have your makeups on. (It's actually a product that has reflected such opinions of the customers)
I was very interested in this product from the time that they said they were releasing it 
because it was something that I needed the most. I am very happy that I can try out the product from the start. I am so excited because the product that I got wasn't a sample this time. 

There is a 30ml essence and two puffs for the replacement when you open the case. 

The manufacturing date of the product is October 6th. It's a very fresh product. 

It fits right in your hand because it's 30ml.
The size is very small because it supposed to be a portable product that can be applied on the skin whenever it becomes dry. It even fits in your pouch. 
It's a bit bigger than the smaller version of Mac Fix. 

There is a mirror on the lid so that you can see yourself while applying the product.
It's very delicate.

The product looks quite strange as an essence with a puff on the top. 
The puff on the top can be replaced. 
It can even be washed. 

 The puff is very soft and
it's sort of like the air cushion puff, which was extremely popular at the Beauty Cafe. 

The essence comes out when you press the button like in the photograph. 

The liquid comes out like. 
All you need to do is apply that on the dry areas of the skin or on the areas which the makeup didn't take very well. It's such a great product because it doesn't mess up the makeup because it doesn't contain surfactants. Also, you shouldn't apply to much on your skin just because your skin is dry. You always have to apply the right amount. 
Also, the powder won't come off on the puff only when you apply it after adhering your makeup to the skin. 

This is when I've tapped the essence on the back of my hand. 
As you can see, the essence is quite glossy. 

It gets absorbed into the skin when you tap it. 
It was very moist when I applied it on my hands. 
It was like a glossy essence. 
Also, I was very surprised and it was very amazing 
because it was the first time for me to use a product like this. 
Also, I am expecting a lot from this product because it looks like it's going to last longer and get applied on the skin a lot faster and than those mists that you spray and tap it. 
That's probably the end of my opening review and I will be writing a more detailed review about the product after using the product some more. 

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  1. Anyway this product is awesome at such a low price! Very natural and even coverage,