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Swanicoco 13Herbal Extracts PORE Clearance 100ml

Swanicoco 13Herbal Extracts PORE Clearance 100ml

Let me introduce Swanicoco Pore Clearance, which is a pore cleansing product that cleans the pores extremely well by taking care of the fine dead skin cells and sebum on your skin. 


 This is a product that I want to introduce to those people who have glossy face because of their sebum, those who have huge because of the excessive sebum, those who have a dark skin because of the thick dead skin and the rest of people who are worried about their skin troubles that are related to pores and sebum. You are able to take care of your pores and sebum without irritating the skin, for it helps to push out the sebum in the pores and melt it. 

The various vegetable extracts and oil in this product are known to reduce the excessive secretion of sebum, as it tightens the pores and melts down the fine sebum that are in the skin. 
Also, the product wasn't irritating even to my sensitive skin because it has excluded the chemical ingredients as much as possible. Swanicoco is known as a brand that only uses good ingredients for the skin. 


[Swanicoco13 Herbal Extracts PORE Clearance
Volume: 10ml


The reason why your pores become huge , skin loses flexibility and face becomes glossy is all because of the excessive sebum. Also, you definitely have to take care of your pores and sebum because the residues of the skin  are known to cause skin troubles if you do not remove them at the right time. Fortunately, I do not have apparent blackheads. However, I am taking care of more sebum with Pore Clearance once a week because I have some whiteheads in between the middle of my forehead and nose. 


There are a lot of products out there in the market that are known to take care of the pores and sebum. Especially those products that remove the sebum from your skin. 
But those products that pull out the sebum from your skin can irritate your skin. But this Pore Clearance isn't irritating to the skin because it melts down the sebum and it doesn't make your pore bigger any further because it doesn't pull out the sebum from your skin by force. 


It's very convenient to apply the liquid on the cotton wool balls because it's a pumping-type product. The lid is sticking out.

But too much may come out if you pump it carelessly because the texture is very watery. 

 It sort of has a mint fragrance. 
You know what I am talking about.. That unique refreshing smell of pore products. 
It's just like that smell. 



I applied it on the back of my hand and it wasn't sticky at all. It was sort of cool and refreshing on the skin. It's sort of different than the pungent feeling. 

 The way to use it is very easy. 
It's a product that you need to use after washing your face clean. Wash your face, open up your pores with a steam towel completely, apply Pore Clearance on a cotton wool balls for applying cosmetics and adhere it to the areas of skin that has lot of sebum. 

Attach it to your skin like in the photograph, take off the cotton wool balls after about 15 minutes  and gently remove the sebum with a cotton bud. (You should never squeeze out the sebum with your hands!) And then simply wash your face with cold water and you're done. 

I gently scratched my skin with a cotton bud and it came off very nicely. 
I am not going to show you a close up of it because it's disgusting


 I personally do not have much blackheads on my nose. Instead, I have whiteheads and white dead skin. So I was not able to see much effects when I used a nose pack. The sebum came out very nicely for other people, but mine didn't come out that well. But Pore Clearance worked extremely well on me. My nose became very glossy when I scratched off the sebum with a cotton bud after taking out the sebum from my pores. 

 I used to have a lot of white sebum at the tip of my nose. But after having used Pore Clearance, my nose became extremely clean and glossy. I was sort of disappointed by other nose packs because it didn't seem to show much effects on me. I really hope those people who are worrying about their whiteheads just like me try out this Pore Clearance. 

 The volume of this product was 100ml and I first thought that it was too much. But I guess I was wrong. I've been using the product once a week and I've already used this much. I've used quite a lot already because I tend to apply a lot on the cotton wool balls for applying cosmetics each time. 

I actually made a calculation and I came to a conclusion that  I should be able to use it for about 3 months with 100ml. 


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