Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang - In Yang Sleeping Repair Pack 75ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang - In Yang Sleeping Repair Pack 75ml


I personally like sleeping packs very much. 
For masks, you need to attach it to your face and take it off before you go to sleep.
But for sleeping packs, you don't have to do that. There are days when you are so tired that you do not want to do that. It's really nice to use a sleeping pack on those days because it turns your skin very moist and smooth. 

I tried out the Whoo Gongjinhyang - In Yang Sleeping Repair Pack and I really fell in love with it. 
I am still very addicted to LG's products. 
I've been looking for an opportunity to buy and I finally bought it this time. 


This is how the product looks like from the top. 


Doesn't it look really big?


I've been planning to write a review and 
I am finally writing it now. 

I usually apply a lot of sleeping pack on my face. 
I always apply these sleeping packs before I go to sleep whenever I am tired to wash my face. 
My face always becomes extremely moist and smooth in the morning when I apply these sleeping packs. I scooped out the content with a spatula and put it on my face. 


I put the cream on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. 

Gosh~ My hair stuck on my face. LOL
I applied a lot like in the photograph. 
It gets absorbed into the skin after a while and it's a such wonderful sleeping pack that refill the energy into my skin. It's so moist and good. 


I took a photograph of my bare face after waking up in the morning. 
Doesn't it look brighter?

One thing I've realized after using the cosmetics is that
my skin becomes dry when there isn't enough moisture, but
the skin tone becomes dark as well. 

What was surprising was that my skin tone got brighter when I ate the inner water and my skin tone also got brighter when I used the cell power no.1 essence. I found out that moisture and whitening are closely related. 

How is it? The skin got much brighter when I gave much moisture in the evening. 
I took this photograph without the flash. 

It's a sleeping pack that I want to recommend for a lazy person like me. 
It's really the best product out there that can be used conveniently. 


Click here to purchase the product.


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