Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Essential Foundation SPF22 PA++ 40ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi - Essential Foundation SPF22 PA++ 40ml


1. About me

Skin type: Dry on the U-zone / Glossy on the T-zone / Sensitive
Skin condition - I have a tremendous amount of blemishes on my face because I didn't really care about my skin despite the dead skin cells and sebum. I also have a lot of fine wrinkles. I have a very sensitive skin because I had a skin problem when I was young and I also have big pores on my cheeks and red blushes.
Weak point: Allege rhinitis + migraine. I am extremely sensitive to fragrance and I sneeze a lot when I smell something strong. For such reasons, I cannot use products that have strong smell. 
Steps for the makeup: Day - Moist skin -> Essence (It depends on the occasion) -> Lotion -> Cream (U-zone only) -> Sun Cream -> Foundation-> Powder (T-zone only)
Night - Wiping toner -> Moist Skin -> Nutrition Cream or Sleeping Pack or Massage (Whatever I have) 
The standards for selecting the cosmetics: 1. Price 2. Fragrance 3. Skin Type 4. My mother
The amount that I use: I use a single product for about a year. That's why I need to select the product very carefully. 
The product that I often use: I've been using Sulwhasoo and other samples recently. 
Where I purchase the products: Offline stores ( I don't enjoy online shopping)

2. Why I bought the product

I was out of foundation because I haven't been taking care of my cosmetics recently. 
I wanted to change my cosmetics while I was Isaknox because their products didn't last long. So I surfed the cosmetics websites like crazy. I picked several products that I wanted to buy. 
I don't know how I've decided to buy The Whoo when I was so afraid of buying the foundation that was worth 35,000 KRW. I bought this product just because it was moist and I opened it because I gave some to my sister. I have to cut my expenses now. Well.. I do not want to regret now. 

3. Container/Volume/Price/Manufacturing Date

Container - It's not very good because it's made of plastic. It's a pumping-type. 
40ml - It's a lot more than Sulhwasoo. 
50,000 KRW - It's so expensive. I got a 5% discount with the coupon. 
December.14.2009 - The product was manufactured three months ago. Damn it. I am so dumb. 
June.13.2012 - Expiration date. Does this mean that I have to sell it in two years and a half?

4. Major Ingredients
Purified water, Phenyl Trimethicone, Titanium oxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, caprylyl Trimethicone,  
Dimethicone, Talc, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499, herbs, etc.


It's a little disappointing that an expensive cosmetics like this product  contains talc and dimethicone. It also contains various preservatives.. Well. it should also be a problem to not have preservatives in it.. but..

5. Review

I am personally very sensitive on fragrance and this product has an extremely strong smell. 
If you are a kind of person who doesn't like the smell of Chinese medicine, you'll probably hate this product. However, I can stand the smell of Chinese medicine a lot better than the floral fragrance. But it's still a lot more stronger than Sulhwasoo, which is also a Chinese medicine cosmetics. I am currently using the basic cosmetics of The Whoo for a variety of reasons, but all of the product have extremely strong smell. Will I be able to finish using this product?


6. Would I buy this product again?

Everything else except for the smell seems to be better than Isaknox, but I wouldn't buy this product again unless I find something extremely dramatic that will change my mind. 
First of all, I didn't like the fact that the smell was a lot stronger than what I've expected. 
It makes me to throw up when I smell it for a long time. 


That's about it!
I'll be adding more stuff about this product later on, but I don't think I'll be very glad about writing them. LOL


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  1. Attractive price !! Attractive product !!

  2. Natural!! This product is great! It might make your eye appear smoother

  3. To introduce a friend bought. Satisfied.