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Whoo Gongjinhyang - Qi and Jin Eye Cream 20ml

Whoo Gongjinhyang - Qi and Jin Eye Cream 20ml


I got this eye cream sample from a friend of mine. 
I was in my mid-twenties then and I didn't have an eye cream that I was using. 
I used to have a lot of pimples on my face since I was in middle school and my skin was extremely oily. I used to get a lot of pimples on my face when I applied any kind of eye cream near my eyes. I was able to apply any eye cream because it was really sore on the skin. 
So I just gave up and only applied the moisturizer. 
But this eye cream was a sort of a product that only provided moisture to me. 
(The photograph below is a 10ml sample of Qi and Ji Eye Cream and the content is exactly the same with the original product)


I applied very smoothly and I was able to apply it very well near my eyes even with a small amount. Since the skin near your eyes is extremely fragile, applying the cream everyday on that area can cause wrinkles. 

It really depends on the skin type, but I am sure that those people who have had pimples from the forehead to the chin would understand. You can never apply the basic cosmetics on your face that block the pores or cause pimples because they may prevent wrinkles, but I will have more pimples on my face. This product does not cause pimples at all and it got absorbed very moistly even when I reapplied it several times. 
(I am sure that most of you know that there are no cosmetics that actually get absorbed into the skin. I will skip this part. )

I scooped out the eye cream with my ring finger. 
You need to use your ring finger or your little finger when applying eye creams near your sensitive eyes. 

We have the 'areas near our eyes' and our 'eyes'.
No matter how smoothly the product may apply on the skin, we cannot apply cosmetics that make our skin sore. We could be crying like crazy because it hurts our eyes. 
Thanks to the advanced technology of cosmetics, there aren't many products that actually make our eyes sore these days, but I think this really depends on each person. 
There were products that really hurt my eyes and I couldn't even open my eyes. 
But this Qi and Jin Eye cream didn't hurt my eyes at all. 
I often apply the eye cream into my eyes by a mistake, but it didn't hurt my eyes. 
For such reasons, I've been using this eye cream since 2008. 
I tend to use a single product for a very long time when I like the product. 
There are people who claim that you need to change your cosmetics regularly because your skin gets used to the cosmetics. However, I do not believe such claims for various reasons. 


I personally think you are able to control various factors that can cause harm to the skin by using the cosmetics that match to your skin type. 
Clean and Clear's Moisturizer was one of the cosmetics that I've used for the longest. I've used that product for over ten years. Last year, I tested all the eye creams that they were selling at Myungdong with one of my friend. We tested various eye creams on our hands. 
The product that was most moist at that time was the product of I and S. I remember myself continuously using Qi and Ji Eye Cream because it was simply the best product out there. 
Do you have a product that you think it matches the best on you?
If you do, I would like to say that you should continue to use that product. :)

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