Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo GongjinhyangGun - Ja Yang Skin Softener 140ml (for men)

Whoo GongjinhyangGun - Ja Yang Skin Softener 140ml (for men)

This the front side of ja yang skin.
It really looks like it is used in imperial family.
Dark blue colored bottle, and the whoo is written in there.
The mid side has gold logo.
Just looking at the product, it feels like the general to use it.


It is the back side of the toner.
The front logo is written there.
I can feel the symbol in front side.
But it is smooth in back side.

The lid of toner.
The design of the dragon that keeps cintamani in its mouth is carved on the lid. 
The lid is also luxurious^^


It is the type of rotating the lid^^
It is made of rubber that it does not flow down^^


I fell some down to the back of my hand


This is the type of watery toner that just flew down

I tapped it for several times to be absorbed.
It is absorbed really fast.
It is light type without greasy, but absorbed very fast, that makes me feel fresh and cool.
It feels cool that it can calm down the skin after men to shave their face hair.
It can used for shave toner.

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