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Isaknox X2D2 Original Recovery Cream 50ml 



X2d2 Original Recovery Cream

* Night and day 
* For the dry and aging skin

As a soft texture cream that applies on the skin very smoothly and thinly as if it's melting, 
it's an anti-aging cream for all skin types that helps to provide nutrition and enhance the skin barrier. 

X2D2 Isaknox X2D2
Twice more effects, a project for reducing the skin age in half

It's a product in the 'Isaknox X2D2 Original' series. 
It's a product that has used the secret of stem cells and the vegetable cambium for the first time in the world. It's an essential product in the basic series that is known to reduce the age of the skin in half. 

It's an anti-aging product that will help you have a young and healthy skin. 
The outstanding anti-aging effects will create a skin that is young and vibrant. 
The X2D2 series surpass the standard of anti-aging and will step closer to the root of life and provide a new standard of the new beauty that overcomes the destiny of aging. 

Isaknox X2D2 
Original Recovery Cream

It has used the vegetable cambium for the first time in the world. 
It contains vegetable stems' culture fluid. This vegetable cambium is the first successful vegetable cambium that's been cultivated from the culture fluid. The juvinity, which is a unique substance of X2D2 that's been developed from the cambium stem cell / CSC< and the skin aging code. This substance is known to restore the skin's origin of healthiness and beautify. 

Formula 1

The cause of the skin aging is due to the reduction of cells' vitality that are constructing the skin. The original recovery that contains cambium stem cell substance provides nutrition to the damaged skin to help you recover the healthiness. 

Formula 2

There is the skin aging code and  JUVINITY™, which is a unique material of X2D2 that has been developed with the foundation that skin aging code is the indicator for skin's aging. This unique ingredient is known to lay a strong foundation of anti-aging and it helps to take care of  the potential causes of the skin's aging. 

Formula 3

The lipidic membrane of the skin that has become weak by aging and stress becomes the cause of one's quick aging of the skin. Phylospomgosine, which is known to be effective for enhancing the skin barrier, is known to prevent the acceleration of skin aging. 

Formula 4

The outstanding texture of X2D2 that's been created with the unique technology of the Skin Care Lab of Isaknox provides a comfortable sense of use and a moist finish for all skin types. 

 I opened the box and took out the case and a pretty big and heavy cream came out. 
The product is covered like in the photograph. What was a little disappointing was that it didn't have a separate lid. You'll see the yellow and white cream when you take off the lid. 
It's a new product that's been manufactured on September 23. I really trust the their product!


The texture is very sticky and very smooth. 

I applied it on the back of my hand by scooping it out with a spatula. 
I applied it on the back of my hand and the texture was very light. 
I expected it to be heavy because it's a cream, but it wasn't. It applies very lightly on the skin. 
It got absorbed very quickly because it applied very smoothly. 
It makes your skin shine if you apply a little and you cannot find any oil it it. It's very light and refreshing. With all that, it provided a lot of moisture. I only applied the cream after cleansing and it was so good. 

I used a heavy moisturizing cream this winter because my skin was so dry. But I was very satisfied with the recovery cream because it was light and refreshing. It applied very well on the skin and it was a perfect cream that can be used during the change of seasons. 

Also, the fragrance isn't too strong because  the smell spreads in a very delicate way. /
It was a such a nice cream with a great smell. 

I split the back of my hand in half for comparison. 

You can see the differences in between the area with the cream on  and the area without it. 
I didn't apply anything on the left and I applied a little on the right. 
The area on the left is very dry and you can see the wrinkles very clearly because the area on the left is right after the cleansing. 

The area on the right when I've applied the recovery cream. The skin became moist after applying the product. It may look a little oily because I applied too much, but it's not only in reality. It becomes very refreshing when you apply the appropriate amount. It gives a light and refreshing feeling when you give a little massage. I was really satisfied about this. 

The moisturizing creams that I've been using in the past were a little heavy on the skin because it had a lot of oil in it. It was quite disturbing when I was sleeping. That's why I've been using them only when I was going to sleep, but the recovery cream wasn't oily even if I used it during day and night. I doesn't make your skin rough or dry because it has such an amazing moisturizing ability. 

But it can be little heavy for those people who have oil skin. I think it should match well on those people who have dry skin. It's known as a product that great for those people who have dry skin and who are going through skin aging. For those who have a dry U-zone, I think you should avoid applying it on the T-zone. 


 This is after letting the skin absorb the cream. 
It applied very lightly and it was very refreshing because it absorbed very well. 
The skin seems to have the right amount of oil and moisture. 

It surely was a moisturizing & nutritional anti-aging cream. 
This is something that I want to recommend the most about. 

I extracted some articles about Isaknox X2D2 Original Recovery Cream

This product strengthens the foundations of anti-aging by detecting the signs of skin aging, for it contains Juvinity TM, which is a substance that's been co-developed by Sederma  Lab. 

Furthermore, it has applied the innovative technology of stem cells culture fluid to provide nutrition to the aging of the skin with vegetable stem cells. The product is highly effective for creating a healthy and vital skin. 

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