Tuesday, April 23, 2013

prevent the aging of the skin Recommend for OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer 40ml Review

prevent the aging of the skin Recommend for OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer 40ml Review

The windy and dry weather these days are really troublesome for a person like myself who has an extremely dry skin. My skin is becoming really dry and I am getting the white dead skin cells on my skin even when I applied the skin care product on my face after washing my face in the morning. One of the biggest reasons for the aging of the skin is the lack of moisture. In other words, your skin becomes old because of the dryness of skin. Your skin gets wrinkles, loses flexibility, the pores become huge by the growing dead skin cells and sebum and the skin tone becomes dark simply because it lacks moisture. It's for the same reason that a person who has an oily skin experiences relatively slower aging of the skin.  

I personally think it's extremely important that we provide sufficient moisture and maintain a moist condition of the skin in a cold and dry weather in order to prevent aging of the skin.; 

This product is known as a product that is used by Son Yejin for maintaining a healthy skin. She's the advertising model of OHUI.

The highly enriched oil in OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer is known to play the role of providing moisture and nutrition to the rough skin. 

Let's take a closer look at the product. 

First of all, the logo and the hologram on the box provide a very classy feeling. . 

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer contains rHDSCP, which is an essential ingredient of stem cells' culture fluid for the rearrangement of the skin. It's a supplementary nutrition liquid that enhances the skin's ability and actively restores the aging of the skin. 

I opened the box and the there were OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer, instruction manual and a dropper that was wrapped up in a separate cover. 

The oil is in the delicate and luxurious pink bottle that you see in the photograph. 
It had a delicate fragrance of aroma and the refreshing fragrance really made me feel great. 

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, phenyl trimethicone, caprlic and capric triglyceride, lithospermum extracts, lavender oil, chamomile oil, bergamo fruit oil, lime oil, rosemary oil, tocopherol, 12,-hexandiol, citral, limonene, linalyl, etc. 

The product is locked up with the silver lid and

you can simply take it off and insert the dropper when you are using it. 

You can check how much you've used because there is a scale marking on the side of the bottle.  The manufacturing date is written on the bottom of the bottle. 

This is the dropper that you'll be using. 
This glass tube has a silver grip.

You can simply drop a drop or two on your palm to use it. 

I applied it on the back of my hand as a test. 
It was sort of sticky at first, but it actually didn't feel like oil because it got absorbed into the skin so quickly. My rough hands have become moist in a short period of time. 

The moisture remained on the skin even after several hours. 

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer is an oil product that got rid of the disadvantage of those products of being sticky and has enhanced the advantages of the oil. 

I took this photograph after washing my face in the morning.
In the overall sense, my skin is rough without flexibility even when I applied the skin lotion.
I got a lot of white dead skin cells and wrinkles on the skin near my eyes and mouth. 

OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer, which is a product that should be used in the second phase among the seven phases, should be used after applying the skin softener. 
I applied the Cell-Lab Ringer after sufficiently applying the toner.

<The skin condition right after applying the Cell-Lab Ringer>

I took this photograph right after applying 2-3 drops on my face. 

Even though this product is made of oil, it's not sticky and it's not very glossy because it gets absorbed very quickly into the skin. It feels very refreshing as if I've just applied a lot of moist essence after washing my face. I really want to recommend this product for those people who had been avoiding oil products because of its stickiness. 

<The skin condition right after using the Cell-Lab Ringer for about five days>

I applied the Cell-Lab Ringer by mixing it with the cream after washing my face in the morning
and only applied 3-4 drops of Cell-Lab Ringer in evening before I went to sleep.
It's been about a week since I started using this product. The biggest changes were that it had made my skin a lot healthier and provided flexibility the skin. I used to have an extremely rough and dry skin and I've also been getting a lot of white dead skin cells. But my skin has definitely become more moist and brighter after using this product.
Also, I used to have a lot of fine wrinkles near my eyes. But it looks they've become a lot better now.

I've been frequently using an oil treatment because my skin is really dry.
I had to stop using them because they were so sticky and glossy on the skin.
However, OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer shows a huge difference compared to those products that I had been using. It feels extremely refreshing because it gets absorbed into the skin right away. It's really amazing because the moisture remains on the skin.
I personally think it should be great even for those people who have oily skin.
I looks like I'll be able to prevent the aging of the skin without fine wrinkles just by making my skin moist with Cell-Lab Ringer. 

<prevent the aging of the skin Recommend for OHUI Age Recovery Cell-Lab Ringer 40ml Review>

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