Monday, April 1, 2013

Swanicoco Original 100% Argan Oil


Hello everyone. 

The product that I am going to introduce this time is Swanicoco Original Argan Oil. 
I am sure that you all know that argan oil is good for the skin. 
Argan is not only good for the face, but is also good for the hair. 
Swanicoco's products are products that are especially special because has used the organic argan oil. Let's take a look at it. 

This review has been written as the reviewer has been selected has a participant of Buy-Review and by trying out the samples provided. 


Swanicoco Original Argan Oil
Volume: 10ml
Price: 24,000 KRW

- It help to cleanse the skin, as the vitamin E and carotene contained in this product contribute to the skin's convergence and vitalization. 
- It's effective for providing moisture and protecting the skin as it contains various unsaturated fatty acids, and it also provides flexibility to the skin. 
- It's effective for the relief of skin troubles, prevention of aging of the skin and the prevention of moisture evaporation caused by the external environment. 

 This is the Swanicoco Original Argan Oil. 
I've also introduced Swanicoco's products ahead. 
Similar to the product that I've introduced previously, this product has a black box and it feels classy luxurious. The product description and ingredients are written on the back of the box. 

The ingredients are 100% organic argan oil. It's a very clean ingredient. 



The buffer packaging has been done very neatly because the bottle of made of glass. 

 The volume of the product is 10ml and it is in the glass dropper case. 
It's sort of disappointing that you cannot check the amount that's left because the bottle is nontransparent. 

 The date of manufacture is written on the bottom. 
It would have been better if they printed the date more clearly. 
At first, I read 2010 as 2019 and I thought it was the expiration date. 
I looked at it closer and it was 2013. What a relief it is!
The expiration date is written on their website. It's within six months after unsealing. 

 It was a little disappointing that it didn't have the rubber cork that holds the dropper. 
This may not seem like a big problem. But it's really inconvenient after having used a product that had the rubber cork. 
The oil is sort of yellowish. 

The dropper is very small because the volume is only 10ml. 

 I first tested on the back of my hand. 
The texture was very slippery on the skin because it's oil after all. 
Just like most of the argan oil products, it gets absorbed into the skin without being slippery after a certain amount of time. I think those people who have oily skin who do not like being glossy should also be able to use it very well in cold weather. 
It has a very refreshing smell of grass. It's kind of like grass mixed with vinegar. 
But it's not that disturbing because the smell isn't very strong. 

 I applied it on my face. 
I applied three drops of argan oil on my hands and applied it on my face after washing my face and applying the toner & essence. I wrote a review on a product that contained 30% of argan oil a few days ago. Those people who have read my previous review should be able to see the amount of difference this product has. The light of the oil comes into attention because it contains 100% argan oil. The advantage of the argan oil would be that it doesn't have a slippery  finish and that the finish doesn't suffocate the skin. 

It's probably true that I don't even have to mention about the fact that it creates an oil layer on the surface of the skin  and makes the sense of moisture to last for a long period of time because argan oil is extremely famous. I personally believe it can even be used by those people who have an oily skin during winter because it's an oil that's very light. 
Argan oil can also be applied during the day because it has the effects for blocking the ultraviolet rays. It should be also good to use by giving a gentle massage in the evening because it is known to be extremely effective for the protection of skin and skin's flexibility. 

Argan oil is not only good for the face, but is also good for taking care of your hair. 
It's also good to apply a drop or two at the end of your hair when it's not completely dry. 
Why not chase two hares at once?

I hope you have a great day!


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