Monday, April 1, 2013

Swanicoco Stem Cells 99% Ampoule

Let men introduce Swanicoco Stem Cells 99% Ampoule. 
I received this product with the serum and I should be writing my review very well because I am running late. It's a product that contains 99% of stem cells culture fluid and it's known to be extremely effective for restoring the skin. You should be able to create a really good skin if you use it regularly because the degree stem cells culture fluid's restoring effects are twice or three times higher than the ordinary extracts. 

You can expect the skin tone to become brighter as the stem cells culture fluid gets filled in from the inside of the skin without irritating the skin that has lost flexibility by the wrinkles and skin troubles. 

I am quite sure that you are aware that you'll be able see the whitening effects and the enhancement of the wrinkles when you use the product regularly for a long time. 
The same applies for this product. You should be able to see the results by using it regulary because it's a product that restore the skin. I expected quite a lot from this product because it was known to make the skin tone bright. This ampoule  contains 99% of stem cells and and there was also a different product that only contained 30% stem cells. The price of the product wasn't that expensive. Of course, it's still sort of expensive for a poor student like me. 

The ingredients are very simple. 
It's because there's 90% of stem cells culture fluid in it. The rest only takes up 1% of the entire ingredients. It's very fragile to external stimulation because it has got rid of the strong preservatives. You need to store it in a cool area where there is no light. 


This is also a 30ml ampoule. Ampoules are pretty much similar to essences or serums. 
You apply them after applying the toner. The manufacturing date is written on the bottom. As I've already mentioned, it's recommended that you use it as quickly as possible because it doesn't contain any preservatives. For this product, you need to use it within three months after unsealing. I should be quickly using mine!

This is how Swanicoco Stem Cells 99% Ampoule looks like. 
It's very easy to control the amount that comes out. I opened the product and the dropper looked so cute. 

I dropped a drop on the back of my hand. 
The ampoule ran down from my hands right after I dropped it. 
Even thought it seems to have more viscosity than those watery toners, it's quite watery. 

It feels like that you've applied the watery toner. 
It was very watery than the Vegetable Ceramide Essence that I received when I was buying this product. Also, the color is transparent and is sort of yellow. But it doesn't really show in the photograph. Perhaps it's because my hands are yellow. 

This is after applying the product on one side of my hand. 
It got absorbed quite quickly and I think it's more convenient to get it absorbed into the skin because it's easy to spread on your skin widely. This product does have a smell. But you cannot really smell it. I really have no idea what sort of smell this is. However, I am very much relieved because this product has the color of the original ingredients and fragrance, as it is a product that's been made with stem cells culture fluid only. 

This is when I've actually applied on my face. 
As you can see, the ampoule ran down from my skin right after I dropped the content from the dropper. You should apply it on your entire face and tap it to let it get absorbed into the skin. 
I liked it because it applied on the skin very smoothly. It had a slightly moist finish. But I was not able to feel that after it got completely absorbed into the skin. I haven't used this product for a long time. So I plan to use it regularly from now on. I personally think it's a product that I really need because it seems to make my face bright and also because it seems to have great restoring effects. A person that has a sensitive skin should also be able to take care of her skin without irritating the skin. 

At first, I was very surprised by the price. 
This is the actual price that's on Swanicoco's website and you should be able to buy the product with a more discount if you buy it at G-Market or Auction. Also, they give you a discount if you are buying the product for the second time. For your reference, the price of Stem Cell 30% Ampoule is 140,000 KRW. 

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