Monday, April 1, 2013

Swanicoco100% Natural Handmade Medicinal herb Soap

Swanicoco, the no.1 handmade natural soap!
A lot of people these days are using natural soap and 
I bought Swanicoco's soap this time. 

This is Swanicoco's handmade natural soap that's been made with 100% natural oil. 
There are four different types and each has different purposes of use. 
The volume of each soap is about 80g. 

These are cleansing shop, shampoo soap, soap for taking a shower and the mild olive moisturizing soap from the left. 

Each soap has a different color because it's been handmade by using natural ingredients. 

This black natural soap is a cleansing soap for washing your face. 
It's an oriental natural handmade soap that contains fifteen different natural oils and hebrs. 
It's known as soap that been fermented for about 4-6 weeks. 
Even a person who has sensitive skin should be able to wash her face very cleanly without irritating the skin as it creates a great amount of foam. 

This is the olive moisturizing natural soap and it can even be used by babies because it doesn't irritate the skin. It's a very nice natural soap that can be used by those people who have sensitive and dry skin. 

This is a soap for taking a shower and it is known to made with red clay and various herbs. 
I am sure a lot of people are already using the body wash for their body. Why don't you start using the natural soap now?

It would be a surprise for many people when I say that I wash my hair with a soap. 
At last, this is the natural soap for washing your hair. 
It relieves the sebum and it's also known as a product that doesn't irritate the scalp very much. 
It is known to be made with iris, camellia and various other ingredients that were used a long time ago for washing the hair. It is known to remove the toxins of shampoos and it's also known to be good for dandruff, scalp problems and hair loss. 

I first tried using the olive moisturizing soap that can be used with the baby. 
It didn't have a good smell because they didn't put any artificial fragrance. 

Swanicoco handmade natural soap is known to be made with natural oil 
and it created a lot of foams very smoothly. 

The fine foam didn't irritate the skin and helped me wash my face very cleanly and smoothly. 
Swanicoco Handmade Natural Soap was very smooth on the skin. 

You can do it with your bare hands, 
but it was better to use Swanicoco's cleansing soap by creating the bubbles with the sponge. 
It had a lot of bubbles and it also helped to erase the makeup very cleanly. 

The cleansing ability was very good and the skin didn't get irritated. 
It really didn't irritate the skin because it's a handmade natural soap. I should be using this product with my children!

You always have to drain the water out and dry the natural soap. 
Handmade natural soaps can be become very smooth and soft if you do not manage it properly. Also, the molds can grow in the soap if you store it in a high temperature because it only contains natural ingredients. Even though you have to pay more attention for the storage, it's a very reliable product. Also, Swanicoco's handmade natural soaps are a lot cheaper than other natural soaps. I should begin to take care of my hair, face and body with this handmade soap!

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