Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ETUDE HOUSE Darling Cream (Snail Healing) 50ml

ETUDE HOUSE Darling Cream (Snail Healing) 50ml


And this is 'ETUDE HOUSE Darling Cream (Snail Healing)', a product that regenerates the skin. It's a product that I've bought instead of a lotion. 



There is a yellow case when you open it. 
The case is not really pretty but the snail design is really cute. :)



It should be okay, even though it isn't a brand new product.
The expiration date is 12 months from unsealing. 


Be careful not to break it!
It is made of glass~

I liked it because it had a protection film on top of it.
You don't have to worry about dusts going into the product.
But it's kind of annoying when you are using it everyday. 
I guess it has its own advantages and disadvantages. :)


The texture is really white and sticky. It wasn't heavy at all. :)
It's really convenient because there is a spatula . LOL :)

Test on the back of my hands


It's also a very good product for guys because it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. :)
Isn't it true that I would see the effects only when I use it continuously? I'll be using this product continuously until my young brother joins the army.


Etude House Moisture Collagen Cream is quite popular these days. I personally tried it out and it didn't absorb that well. So I chose this, which seemed to have better absorption. :)


It even has a spatula.
Even though it's a road shop product, I think it's more useful than expensive cosmetics and has paid more attention in the details. 

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  1. Item was good and feel lightweight and looks natural on the skin. I like the consistency too as it isn't too thick or too watery. I like the product. Get it if you do not need much coverage.