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Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash

Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash

 Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash (Strawberry milk)
It's a sweet and adorable body wash with the smell of strawberry milk
Volume : 200ml

* The reviewer had personally purchased the product and written the review. 


I went to Etude House to try out some of hair mists out there two weeks ago and bought 5-6 six body products that had great smell. I've never used other products other than the products that I've been using, but I really became fond of this product when I smelled the fragrance. It had the smell of strawberry milk and it was so good! 

Strawberry milk fragrance / banana milk fragrance / apple milk fragrance / baby powder fragrance / chocolate milk fragrance

There are five kinds of fragrance and I personally liked the strawberry milk the most!
I also wanted to buy the strawberry shower sponge, but they were not included in the package. 
I only bought the body wash because I had several shower bolls that were lying at home. LOL 


This is the delicate baby pink Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash. 
It's so adorable. It looks quite normal.. It sort of looks like a milk carton. 
It's 200ml and it's looked even more adorable than I've expected.
I think it's a perfect product for trips or when you are going for a bath. 

You can see the cute strawberry on the product.
The sticker is on the product and it doesn't come off because it's been coated. 

 You can also see the product description on the back of the product. 

This is how the sponge looks like.. It's extremely cute if you actually see it. 
It feels like mine would become wear very quickly. 


Check the manufacturing date on the bottom.
The expiration date is 12 months from unsealing. 

The lid is quite normal and you can take some off to a different bottle. 

The liquid is in light pink and the texture is a bit sticky!
It's a gel-type with a quite a bit of moisture, applies very well on the skin and it creates the foam extremely well. The foam comes out very well even without an extra shower ball. The body wash also has a very good smell. To be precise, it has the smell of sweet and sour strawberry, rather than a strawberry milk. It doesn't really have a deep and luxurious smell, but it's a kind of smell that everyone would like. I guess it's a light and fresh smell. I am quite sure that young girls will love this product because it has such a sweet smell. 


This is when I made the foam with my hands.
You can't really see the foam on the photograph, but there's quite a lot of foam. 

 You'll be able to create a lot more foam by using a shower ball. My skin didn't become extremely dry or anything after taking a shower. I even used it for my bath preparation and it was okay. It's a pretty good product by considering its price. I think it does the exact amount of work I paid for. But the smell was a bit different from the smell that I smelled at the store. LOL

 The smell was a little cheap(?). The smell  was kind of like a cheap strawberry vitamin. 
And even that goes away when you wash it off. LOL The smell simply goes away when you wash them off. The smell does not last! I don't expect the smell to last for a long time or anything because it's not a perfume or perfume-gel, but shouldn't the smell last until the hair is dry? I was a bit disappointed by this. I am currently using this product as a hand wash. I recommend it for those who are looking for a hand wash that creates a lot of foam. It's kind of like catching two rabbits at once because you can use the body wash as a hand wash as well. 


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