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ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hair Treatment 200ml

ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hair Treatment 200ml

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment 200ml


It is a high-nutrient treatment in which the oil complex provides the conditioning effect and intensively takes care of your damaged hair.

Takes care of your damaged hair with the shining oil  complex
The four oil complex, including camellia oil, argan oil, sunflower seed oil and macadamia seed oil, provides nutrition to your hair and manages the hair that's been damaged by dyes or perms into smooth and healthy hair. 

Intensive moisture care
It helps you maintain a moist and lively hair with the extracts from baobab trees.

Delicate perfume hair
It enables you to have a fragrant hair with the luxurious fragrance of fruity watery floral extracts. 

How to use: Wipe off the water on your hair so that it doesn't drop after washing your hair. Apply the treatment on your hair and massage it for about 1-3 minutes and wash it off completely. Wash the treatment off after approximately five minutes if you hair is badly damaged. 

 My hair is badly damaged because I've been dyeing my hair almost periodically, did perms and many things that would hurt my hair. My hair is almost like a dog fur and I've been only using a shampoo and a rinse because I was out of treatment. This is the product that I finally bought. Let me start my review on ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Hair Treatment. Oh gosh~ I want my hair to me silky again~

It's such an adorable package. It does not have a case. I ordered it online and it arrived with all these bubble wraps. :) The package is in pink and it's very lovely!  There are the dot patterns and the logo at the center! I actually wanted to buy this because the package was so pretty. :) The packages of Etude House always make me want to have them. LOL :)


  The volume is 200ml and I personally think it's a lot by considering its price. :)
The product fits right in your hand! I like products like these. LOL
The lid quite extraordinary. LOL It's kind of spiky!

The hole was bigger than I've expected. I didn't mean to take out that much, but a lot came out when I squeezed it. Of course, it would be an appropriate amount if you were putting on your hair.. but you should be careful about it because a lot comes out if you squeeze it too hard. :)
The treatment is a bit sticky. It was stickier than ordinary treatments. And I must mention that the smell was really good. It has a delicate fragrance of flowers. It's such a great combination of the package, the color of the content and the fragrance!

I remember a person writing a review about why this product is called the 'silk scarf' hair treatment. I exactly knew why they named it like this after using it! It has a very sweet and delicate smell and your hair becomes extremely smooth and moist.. even to the extent that you don't have to do the rinse. My hair becomes quite smooth when I don't wash it for about a week because my hair is extremely rough and dry. But those roughness and dryness all had disappeared after using this treatment! It doesn't change your hair dramatically or anything, but you'll sure be able to see its effects if you use if continuously for some time. It's a product that I would like to recommend even more than those products by famous hair brands. I am personally very satisfied with it. :)

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