Monday, January 28, 2013

Missha M Vita BB Cream

Missha M Vita BB Cream

Brand: Missha
Name of the product: Missha M Vita BB Cream SPF20 PA++ (Moisture)
Volume: 50ml

The product's design looks very luxurious!

I personally think the design is a bit fancy for students. 

Perhaps it's because of its fancy design. :)

This is the back of the BB cream. I gotta look read the carefully, right?

It protects the skin and provides supplementary effects. It also covers your skin very naturally and makes your skin moist because it contains natural plant extracts that have natural soothing effects. 

You have to always read the expiration date very carefully!
12M. The expiration date is approximately a year. Please throw them away after a year!

- Those who have dry skin after doing make-ups
- Those who want moist feeling
- Those who want BB creams that have light textures like lotions
- Those who want to use it indoors
- Those who want to cover their blemishes  naturally

It's a BB cream for those people mentioned above. :)

It fits right in your hand!!
I tried to put it in my pouch and it fit very well.  I would give five starts for its portability. 

It did not have a seal. Maybe my friend toot it off. :)
I was able to control the amount quite well because it had a small mouth!

[ Test on the back of my hands (texture, how well it applied, colors) ]

As always, it's my bare hand!
Let take a look at the colors and how well it applies to the skin. 

Before we do that, let's first check the viscosity. 


It's kind of sticky. It rises up a bit like in the photograph, but that stickiness quickly disappears. 
It's not extremely sticky!

It has the color of a BB cream. I guess I should say that it's dark beige. 

It applied to the skin very moistly.
I took several photographs because I wanted to show you the moisture well!
This is a a picture that came out pretty well. LOL
Anyway, it applied to the skin very moistly like a lotion. 

This is after I have tapped the cream into the skin. I think it had filled in the gaps of my wrinkles very well. You have to pay extra attention when cleaning them off if you've filled in the gaps of your winkles. 

This is before and after I've applied the product on the back of my hands. It definitely became brighter, but it didn't become bright dramatically like other BB creams do. 

[ Applying the product on the face (The colors) ]

This is after I've done my basic cosmetics. My skin is extremely rough and dry these days. 

I am really sorry.. Let's put the BB cream on this skin. :)

It definitely became brighter, but it wasn't as bright as when I've used other BB creams. 
The texture was a bit watery and it was as if I've applied the lotion.

My skin didn't become bright dramatically. It simply looks like my original face.

I highly recommend this BB cream for students who are afraid of being caught by their teachers. LOL You can use this product when you want your face to look like a bare face!

I don't recommend it for those who like extremely bright colors!

So that is the end of my review on a BB cream that can be used by those who have
dry and oily skin. :)

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