Monday, January 28, 2013

MISSHA PROCURE Intensive Repairing Treatment

MISSHA PROCURE Intensive Repairing Treatment

This is 'MISSHA PROCURE Intensive Repairing Treatment' (Brown) that I bought.
The person who was selling this told me that the bigger one is actually cheaper compared with the smaller one. But I just ignored her and bought the smaller one. (150ml) :)

MISSHA PROCURE Intensive Repairing Treatment

- It supplements effective moisture and nutrition to your hair with  lecithin nano-capsules, keratin and amino acid and therefore makes your hair healthy. 

- The liquid substance and cholesterol, which are substances that create protective layers, make your rough and dry hair smooth. 

- The rich texture with much nutrition makes your hair even more smooth and flexible. 

You get a feeling that the product that you are about to use is simply the best product there is when you merely read the product description. LOL

I read the product description by nodding my head and put myself into action!
I wiped off the water after washing my hair with a shampoo and apply a lot of this brown hair pack. Then I began reading the descriptions of product that were in my bathroom and I've realized that 3-4 minutes have already passed. LOL 

It's a hair pack with a thick texture that doesn't really run down!
The smell and the texture weren't much different than other products!
I've been thinking "There is nothing different. Maybe I bought the wrong product.. "
Then I washed it off and dried my hair!!

It's kind of embarrassing to publicly show off my hair like this.
It's rough and dry because I didn't really care about it. It was actually better than this before. LOL I have a lot of excuses for this. Anyway, let's try to compare the effects!
The photograph on the left is before using the hair pack and the photograph on the right is after using the hair pack!
It was really good as people said about it. I do not envy Ji Hyun Jeon anymore!! (not the face)

Wow. My hair is very shiny.  My hair really had calmed down and it has become a lot shinier. My hair was so rough and dry because of the cold wind and I think I am going to love this brown hair pack by Missah. 
I've been getting those hair treatments at hair shops,
but I'll try to manage it myself with this hair pack for some time.  LOL
It's really not because I do not want to go outside in this cold weather. LOL

The Missha hair pack series have three types. The brown pack, the pink pack and the sky-blue pack. Those people who did not experience effects from a brown pack say that the sky-blue back was better and those who didn't experience much effects from the sky-blue pack say that brown pack was better. 
I've never heard of anyone using the pink pack yet. 
I would like to try out the sky-blue pack and the pink pack when there is a chance for me. :)

Click here to purchase the product.

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