Thursday, January 17, 2013

SUM37 A-Time Essence 30ml

SUM37 A-Time Essence 30ml

New product of October has arrived!
It was really hard to ready this product. The name is A-Time Essence. The item I will introduce today is the essence that applied on makeup.
I worry about make up on my skin that is going to be dry from autumn. It is only good when I applied mist, but it is going to be dry again fast. Worry of this kind, the people whose skin is dry or spoiled when chilly wind will really agree with that.
SUM understood this situation very well, and SUM produced the essence, that is able to be applied on makeup. I really needed that function that I am interested in that since I have heard the product is released. I am so happy that I am a beauty secretor, so I can experience this product that I was interested in. This product has not been a long time, that honest goods came to me! Great!

Opening the case, there are 30ml essence and two puffs for replacement.

The manufactured date is also October, 6th. It is something new!

This product is needed when the skin feels dry, so that its size is similar to hand.
It is the size that just be able to puts in the pouch. It is little bigger than Mac Fix mini version. 

 The lid says look at the mirror during make-up
Ah, It is really delicate.

It looks amazing when you open the lid and puff is hung up on essence.
The puff upside can be replaced. It can also be washed.

The puff is really soft and it seems like air-cushion puff that was really famous in beauty cafe. 

Pushing the button like that, the essence will come out!


Liquid came out like this. You can apply it on dry skin and on the spoiled make-up. It does not have a surfactant that the make-up will not be spoiled. Ah, you must not apply too much, just because of too dryness. Enough is good at every time. You have to have your makeup clearly and the powder will not be applied on the puff. 


Tapping with my hand~
The essence that is glossy comes out.


Tapping like this, it will be absorbed perfectly. At first applying on hand, it feels moist. It looks really glossy. It is amazing that It was first time to me to use this kind of cosmetics.  I expect much about this product that will be effective on the part of dryness faster and more continual time than the mist that just sprays. My opening review is over here. And after using for sometime, I will write a review in detail again. 


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  1. Item was good and feel lightweight and looks natural on the skin. I like the consistency too as it isn't too thick or too watery. I like the product. Get it if you do not need much coverage.