Thursday, January 17, 2013

SUM37 Water-Full Skin Lotion

 Skin lotion
 Moisture balance
FragranceDelicate bamboo
FunctionalityMoisture line
 Recommended skin typesNeutral, combination 
skin types
Recommended season 
for use
Spring, summer, autumn (Especially spring)


I visited the store without any information because I've been hearing a lot from people that  SUM37 are
extremely amazing. I was able to test various products there and the SUM series not only had the most 

fragrance, but they were also the ones with the best absorption.  
'Moisture Line Water-Full' was the one that I've decided to buy among many other products, ^^


And after using it for about three months,
I am more than satisfied with this product. ^^
I've been merely using a skin during summer because I felt as if my skin wasn't absorbing the lotion very well.
However, I can put the SUM Water-Full Line Lotion that I bought this time on my skin whenever I want even during summer because it is a Gel-type product with such an outstanding absorption power. 
The product is extremely mild.
In addition, I must say that I am so much into the delicate bamboo fragrance these days.
The fragrance makes me feel as if I am actually in the middle of a bamboo grove. 
I  am quite sure that you'll also be mesmerized by the SUM series. 

1. Before putting on the lotion

2. While putting on the lotion

3. After putting on the lotion

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  1. Everyone could be loved this product when they use it.