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benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara of Missha

benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha

Missha The Style 4D Mascara

The product that I brought this time is 'Missha The Style 4D Mascara Review'. 
MISSHA is having a sale these days.
Of course, this product is quite cheap without the sale, but it's always good to buy something even cheaper. :)

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

It's a long and cylinder-shaped mascara and the word '4D Mascara' is written on the bottom.

You are probably aware that this product has two different types. 3D and 4D.

I've been using 3D and 3D was actually pretty good considering its price. :)
Basically, 3D has a long-lash function and 4D has a volume function. 
I've tried both of them and both of them had similar functions. :)

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

It says that the expiration date is 6 months from unsealing.

But I usually throw my mascaras away after 2 or months. 
Because they become very tight and lump up inside after that much time.
(And I've heard someone say that mascara's expiration date is only 3 months)
So I don't usually use expensive mascaras. :)
In fact, the reason why I used this product is because it was cheap. It really had nothing to do with its functions. :)
But I keep on using them because it's quite good by considering its price. 

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

This is how it looks like when you open the lid. 
Isn't it neat?

But it becomes dirty by the wastes when you use it several times. 

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

I took a photograph so that you can see the brush and the shape & length of the brush.

The brush is kind of thick and
the length seems quite good as well.

I usually bend the brush half way when I am using it.

I do this because it's easier to apply. 
The mascara often stains your nose and it does not apply very evenly
when the brush is flat.

The way to bend it is to place the brush half way into the bottle and

bend it with a bit of power. Then the brush will bend. 

Then it becomes like this.
And you use it in this condition.
You may want to try it because it's so much better. 

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

This is my eyes without having applied the product.
The camera is reflected on my eyes.

This is after applying the mascara. 
You can see the curling compared to the photograph above. 

This is a photograph from below.
The curling is definitely looks better when you see it from below. 

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

I also took a photograph from above. 
It doesn't lump up a lot, 
but I cannot say that it doesn't lump up at all.
I'll just skip this part because I don't really care about lumping up. 

This is when I applied the product even on my eyelashes on the bottom.
I pay more attention to the eyelashes on the bottom than the eyelashes on the top.
I apply a lot. LOL
Because I personally think it looks better when your eyelashes on the bottom can be seen from far away. But I cannot do that because my eyelashes are short. 

Evaluation: First of all, it's a really cheap product. 

It's a product that you can buy anytime without having to wait for a sale.
I personally like product that make you look like you actually did the make up 
because I don't usually put on the mascara. 
I think it's a great product by looking at that!
However, I do not apply to a point where people can actually recognize that I did put a lot of amount. I do not think you have to worry about lumping up or anything. 
The product is made for the sake of volumes, but it is also great product for long lashes.
It's not like your eyelashes become extremely long, but it does become long. LOL
Also, the mascara lasts for a long time. 
I've been moving around with this mascara on in a hot summer day and 
I couldn't find any smudges even though I didn't reapply them during the day.
I guess you do not have to correct your make-ups during the day if you 
apply them well in the first place. 
Also, it's not very easy to erase your mascaras because of the powders,
 but this one can be erased very easily with a remover. 
I think it's a fairly good product because it isn't very expensive and has outstanding functions.
I would probably be using this product for mascaras!

<benefit cosmetics for 4D Mascara  of Missha>

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