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benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV

benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV

VOV Baby Cheek Blusher 3.5g


My younger sister is a blusher-freak and she had been surfing the internet for a while. She told me that the baby pink his hers and she bought me the baby orange. I guess she's a bigger person than I am. LOL :)

VOV Baby Cheeck Blusher is in a round shape and case of the blusher is extremely adorable. It rather looks like a toy. I personally like these stuff. I could see many other reviews on this product saying that this is too small. I though it was a really huge one.. But I guess I am wrong. As you all know, toner is not a cream. 

<benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV>


The intolerable beauty of VOV Baby Cheek is this puff! 
In fact, the quality of this puff isn't all too great.. but it's at least very cute.

Just in case you misunderstand me, I would like say once again that the quality isn't all too outstanding. But it's okay. In fact, the puff has a great quality considering its price. :)

<benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV>

 Isn't color very nice? The baby orange and the baby pink are both mat-type products with no purls. It's very hard to find products with no purls when the price is cheap. (If you are looking for products with no purls, simply go to the brand shops that professionally deal with tones in department stores) My mouth simply opened up because I was so happy by looking at these light and girlish colors. I personally do not like products that have strong fragrance and the baby orange had too much of a baby powder smell. That's probably the only thing that I am disappointed about this product. I guess there are people who like that smell.. but some people may not be fond of that smell.
<benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV>

 <benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV>

The color was quite frustrating.. It's beautiful, but it wouldn't work as a blusher unless you have an extremely bright face. You'll be able to use it if your face matches with No. 13. However, most of us are No. 21-23. So this is how I use this thing. 
1. Highlighter or Finishing Powder

I use other blushers because of its bright and girlish color and I use it as a highlighter by connecting it to the bottom of my eyes. Or you can also use it as a light finish with the brush on the entire face. The color is very nice and beautiful if you use it as a finishing powder. 

2. Base Blusher -> The best for covering the pores

This product has such an outstanding capabilities for covering up the pores. I strongly recommend to those who have a lot of pores because your skin will become a lot more smooth by placing the blush bar with the puff as a base on the pores near the cheeks and apply the blushers afterwards. In addition, it is also very nice to use by mixing it with other blushers because the color is a bit light. 

It is a product that can be used for various purposes and the price isn't too expensive as well. LOL :)

<benefit cosmetics for Cheek Blusher of VOV>

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