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benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly

benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly

Tonymoly Cleansing Foam

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

The elderly lady of our family really loved this product.
The name of this product is 'Tonymoly Cleansing Foam'.

I didn't usually use a cleansing cream that much,
but I began wanting to use it when I saw my mom use it.
(I have such a weird personality)

 <benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

The characters on the back are so small~
Is it because this is a Tea Tree Seed Cleansing Cream? The ingredients, instructions, effects and warnings are written in small words.

 <benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

I took this photograph with the roll screen of my room as a background. 
I think the product and the background matches very well. LOL 
I was sort of exited about this because they matched so well~

I personally think you can use this as your daily make-up cleanser.
This product sort of reminds me of a refreshing summer
and I believe you can use it during summer in a very refreshing way.

Even though both of them are tea tree products, 
I'll explain the cleansing creams. 
It's because I don't tend to use a foam cleanser at all. 
My skin becomes sort of red when I use a foam cleanser. :(

(I such such a sensitive skin. LOL Perhaps I should live in a aseptic room. LOL)

 <benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

These are the three seed creams. 
(Olive Seed Cleansing Cream / Tea Tree Seed Cleansing Cream / Lemon Seed Massage Cream)
You can use them as much as you want because they are extremely cheap. 
I think the ingredients are very nice and they're a great product to use.

I usually buy these cleansing creams when I visit the store with my mom
because my mom likes them so much~

My mom also likes doing make-ups
and we have so many of these in our bathroom. 
My mom especially likes cleansing creams like these. :)

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

This is the texture of the cleansing cream. It's very soft and creamy~
The texture of the cream is very soft. It's kind of like milk.

I didn't expect the quality to be good because it was very cheap, 
but I was wrong. It was smoother than most other creams that are over 10,000 KRW 
and it didn't lump up and the oil didn't spread.

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

Perhaps it was because of the oil in the cream that 
the texture of the cream often spread on the skin when I used other creams
But this didn't have that. It's cheap and there is so much in it~
I think it's a wonderful product for people who do not have much money. LOL

It's one of the products that I often bought
because it was a product that matched so well on me and my mom. LOL

Well... cut all the other nonsense. 
The most important factor for a cleansing cream is its cleansing ability. 
So I did some scribbling on my arm.  LOL

This is my arm with the scribbles. 
I drew them and waiting for about 40 minutes to dry up. 
The foundation didn't even dry up. 
Foundation - lipstick - waterproof eyeliner - color eyeliner - waterproof mascara - lip gloss

I scribbled on my arm with cosmetics that do not erase very easily. 

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

Then I applied the Tonymoly Cleansing Foam. I'll be rubbing it~

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

 Here we go~ They are being erased. They are becoming black~ LOL
I really don't think cosmetics are good for the skin.
Look at that black soup~ 

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

 They all got erased after some more rolling~

A cheap product like this had such a wonderful effect. 
I didn't know that cheap products like this erased so well. LOL

In fact, most of cleansing product are made of 100% surfactants. 
Especially, cleansing oils have a lot of surfactants. 

That's why I don't usually use the cleansing oil these days. 
I usually use a cleansing gel or a cleansing cream these days. 

I don't think cleansing oils are good for the skin because cleansing oils are literally oil and 
the skin becomes slippery even after washing your face three times. 

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

 Ta-da!! This is after wiping off my arm with a dry tissue. 
I didn't use water to wipe them off:) I must say that this product is extremely effective. 
The area that I drew with an eyeliner became red 
and that's because I have a skin problem. (dermatographism)

Oh. You all know that you have to wash your face twice after using a cleansing cream, right?
I am using the Ca Vi Bien Baby Power or Tokyo Love Soap these days. :)

Anyway, the product is really cheap and it erases just like many other cleansing creams. 
In fact, there were other foam cleansing products in this series, but they didn't match on me. 
So I will just pass. 

I bough an IOPE Cleansing Cream to my mom (It was quite expensive), 
but my mom liked this one better because it had less oil and it was so much more refreshing. 
From then, she only used this product.  LOL
My mom always had a plastic bag in her hands that had this cleansing cream in it. 
She's so cute. LOL

I should buy a cleansing cream for my mother next month~ LOL

<benefit cosmetics for Cleansing Foam of Tonymoly>

Click here to purchase the product.

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