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benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV

benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV

VOV Suboon (Moisture) Essence Foundation (spf 30 pa++)

 The product that I am going to write my review about is a new product of VOV!
It's a Suboon (Moisture) Pact and a moisture essence foundation.
This is the product that Yeseul Han is advertising these days on the TV with the
flight attendant outfit on. 

The make-ups don't really absorb during winter because it's too dry.. I applied for a tester of this product when they said that they've released a product with a lot of moisture.
Shall we first take a look at the Moisture Essence Foundation?

* Looking into the Moisture Essence Foundation                                   

<benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV>

 This is how VOV Suboon (Moisture) Essence Foundation looks like.
The balance between sky-blue and white seems to explain the 'Suboon'(Moisture), which is one of the characteristics the product. 

 VOV Suboon (Moisture) Essence Foundation SPF30 PA++ (Functional Cosmetics)
No. 21 / 40ml

The Suboon line helps you create a skin that is clean and moist, for it has combined the skin care function that relieves the dryness of the skin and the make-up's natural function of correction. 

Ingredients: Titanium oxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Zinc oxide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben

VOV Suboon (Moisture) Essence Foundation contains 47% of supplementary ingredients. (20% Lotus water)

<benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV>

 VOV Suboon(Moisture) Essence Foundation is in a non-transparent sky-blue container.
It does not fit so well in one hand. It's quite long and it's a pumping-type product.
The manufacturing date of the product was November 18th of 2010.
The product was extremely new because it hasn't been long from its release.

<benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV>

Similar to Enprani, Nature Republic and etc., VOV's products are manufactured at Kolmar, South Korea. It's such a relief to see that it's been manufactured at Kolmar. You are able to see how much you used because it's in a non-transparent container. 

* Test on the back of my hands           

 <benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV>


No.21 Mineral White is a bright beige color.
I did the pumping on the back of my hands and quite a lot came out.
So think you should press the button softly. 
I thought that the product would be very watery because it said that it contained a lot of moisture, but it's not that watery. 

<benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV>

 I tested on the back of my hands and it applied on the skin extremely well and it's very moist, just like how a moisturizing product should be.  It does not come off easily and it looks shiny as well. I thought that the correction function wouldn't be that good because the word 'VOV' didn't erase on the back of my hands, but I was quite satisfied with it when I tested on the actual skin.

* Test on the skin

<benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV>

The picture on the left is when I only put on the basic cosmetics and the picture on the right is the when I put on the foundation. I am getting a lot of pimples and have pimple scar on my face these days because I am getting a lot of stress. :( So I focus a lot in covering my pimples when I am doing my make-up. As a result to applying VOV foundation, my skin tone had been corrected dramatically. :) It didn't cover up all the pimples. But as you can see on the picture, I am quite satisfied with it. :)

* Evaluation                                        

<benefit cosmetics for Essence Foundation of VOV> 

Advantages: A foundation with a lot of moisture in it. It can be used during winter without any problems. It applies very well on the skin and it's moist. The level of adhesion is good.

Disadvantages: It does not cover up perfectly, but it still provides the correction to a certain extent. It does not last very long.

VOV Suboon (Moisture) Essence Foundation is highly recommended for those who are worried about their dry skin during winter. First of all, there is a lot of moisture and adheres to the skin very well. Also, you'll be able to create a clean and healthy face just by putting on the foundation because your face will become a lot more brighter by the moisture. But if you are looking for a product that will perfectly cover all your blemishes, you might have to think over. 

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