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benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV

benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV

VOV AN UV Sun Base (SPF50+,PA+++) 60ml

<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

Do you all know that protection against ultraviolet rays is important all the year around? 
I am fully aware of this, but kept on skipping putting on the sunblocks because it feels a bit suffocating when you put on them. But I found a sunblock that isn't like that! 
It not only matches very well on oily skins, but also matches very well on all skin types
with a great amount of moisture.

I usually used to put on a base and apply foundations or BB creams because my skin is multicolored and have blushes. (sunblocks - primer - partial make-up base - foundation)
Your skin feels extremely suffocated when you apply these four steps on your face. So I often skip the sunblock these days. I did this because I wanted to cover up the blushes right away. While doing this, this product came into my mind and bought it at Todakosa. (I got it as a gift) You can buy this with a 50% discount online. (Auction, etc.) To be honest, I bought it at Todakosa because I really wanted to get the free gift that comes along with this. LOL :) The four ample samples looked very nice. 

Anyway, I'll directly go into the conclusion. It was really nice after all.
I would probably be using this for a while! 
I already said the conclusion.. but I have something that I really like about this product.
I'll talk about that at last. LOL :)

<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>


Here are the three types and there is even a Sun BB cream. 
I took that photograph out because that is a tone product.
The product in the photograph includes the sun(ultraviolet rays)block+base green/sunblock+base violet. 

 The sun-free product is a product with no color that goes along with all skin tones and green base is for people like me who have red skin tones. Those who have yellow skin tones could use the violet base and even though those who have pale skin should use the pink color, they can also use the violet. 
<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

To be honest, I thought that the case was really pretty and cute. But you cannot let it stand.
I had to lay it down on my dressing table. Why did they make it like this? I am really curious about it. What's good is that it has a sharp edge and this is extremely comfortable. 
You are able to simply control the amount that you want to use. 

<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

The second thing that I want to mention is that it is extremely smooth on the skin because there are a lot of moisture in it. I didin't like ordinary sunblocks because they were not very smooth and oily. I used them because I had no other choice. But this product was so much different. 
It is because it is a milky-type. I must say that it is extremely soft and smooth on the skin.

For milky-type products, I have tried the the Ice Sun Gel by MISSHA before. It was a product 
for summer and it applied on the skin with much refreshment. In m personal opinion, this one is smoother than that. I can simply put them on my skin very smoothly with my hands. 

As you can see on the fourth photograph, the tone correction isn't all too outstanding, but you can feel it brightening up. Right? I could simply put this on and finish my make-up with the concealer on some days. 

<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

I compared this product with Nature Republic's products which I've been using before. 
To be honest, Nature Republic's products were quite good.. even though I just bought them on the way back home. Their product wasn't too tight and I've been thinking that it's very moist. 
But when I compared it to AN products, it wasn't all too smooth. However, Nature Republic's products have better tone correction capabilities and brightness. I wanted to write a review on that product as well, but it has made its appearance here. The price is very cheap as well. 
(3,300 KRW)

Anyway, AN has the best sense of moisture and Nature Republic has better tone correction capabilities. 


As the name of the product  goes, SPF50+ PA+++ would be a wonderful choice as a sunblock.
It has the highest numerical value among other ordinary sunblocks.
But I've heard from people that higher numerical value could also be problematic for the skin.. like the numerical value of SPF60. SPF20~30 would be more than enough to protect you against ordinary ultraviolet rays and SPF40~50 should be enough for those who stay outside for a long time. 


SPF is the numerical value or protecting the B ultraviolet rays and this is equivalent to 15 minutes of ultraviolet protection. (SPF20=protection for 5 hours) It plays the role of protecting your skin from burning in hot summer days. (Your skin may get damaged by the reflecting light even during winter) Your skin begins to lose elasticity and experience skin aging if you don't protect your skin from B ultraviolet rays. 

 <benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

PA is the numerical value for protecting the A ultraviolet rays. 
However, what's important is that you must always take care of your skin because A ultraviolet rays penetrates through your skin all around the year. If B ultraviolet rays are rays that burn or make your skin red, A ultraviolet rays causes melanin pigmentation, such as freckles. 
Skin pigmentation may even get worse on the scars of your pimples. 
Furthermore, A ultraviolet is known to penetrate the windows. 
The people who work beside the windows ought to put the sunblocks!
(In addition, PA+ blocks twice as much, PA++ blocks 4 times more, and PA+++ protects 8 times more)

I want all of you to know about this because these are basic knowledge for the skin.

Let me get back to product review. I told you in the first place that I had a reason for liking this product very much. Right? It's the oil, the ultimate enemy of skin. For basic make-ups, I normally use moisturizers and primers. And for the foundation and BB cream, I always use products that have low oil. I even use the control powder for the pore but I still have a lot of oil. 


But my oil had definitely decreased after using this product. Yes!!
I thought it only worked on me, but my sister also told me that it had definitely reduce the oil for her as well. (My sister also has an oily skin) My usual steps for the make-up was primer-partial make-up base-foundation-control powder for the pores. But the steps for the make-up right now is AN UN Sun Base-primer-foundation-control powder for the pores. 


I was surprised to see the reduction of oil when I eventually added the sunblock to my make-up process. I believe this is due to the moisture. You all know that more oil comes out from your skin when your skin does not have much moisture, right? It seems like less oil is coming out because I am filling in the moisture required for the skin. 


I am feeling a lot tension on my skin while I am doing my make-up because the weather is extremely dry these days. Of course I cannot feel that tension after a few hours, but I'm not even feeling any tensions on my skin when I am doing my make-up after using this product. And there is so much in it!


Am I praising too much about it?
I should say something bad about it as well.
Despite the fact that it looks very cute, I am really disappointed that the case cannot stand still. 

Now I will finish my review here.
I got so excited because I found a sunblock that had all the things that I was looking for. 

<benefit cosmetics for UV Sun Base of VOV>

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