Sunday, February 17, 2013

SkinFOOD Omija Whitening Serum

Skin FOOD Omija Whitening Serum 

 *Omija: The fruit of Maximowiczia typica (schizandra)

The skin normally begins to lose moisture during summer 
and I think it's time that you need a good basic cosmetics. 

I will introduce the Omija Whitening Serum today. :)
Volume: 50ml
Main effects: Provides moisture, whitening of the skin
The design sort of reminds of medicines. 
The product is wrapped with a white fabric. 
I think they designed it this way to bring its whitening effects into greater attention. 

 A white bottle in the color of Omija comes out 
when you take off the fabric. :)


I personally like those products that have small mouths. 
SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Serum is very convenient because it has a small mouth. 


It contains a lot of moisture and it's white because it's serum after all. 

 The left is after applying the product. 
I would like to highly recommend this product for those who have a dry skin because 
it has more moisture than other serums and also because it lasts for a very time. 

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