Sunday, February 17, 2013

HERA Age Away Massage Mask 150ml

HERA Age Away Massage Mask 150ml


The product that I am going to recommend today is HERA Age Away Massage Mask !
It's a product that you can go to sleep after giving a massage for about two mintutes. 
This product is rather close to a sleeping mask cream than a sleeping pack. Well, I guess they're pretty much the same. I've been using the overnight pack by Primera and it was a perfect product for your pores.


HERA Age Away Massage Mask 
Volume: 150ml

The photograph is the newer version of the product. 
They used a light purple case in the past, but they changed their design. 
It's a product that has outstanding effects for wrinkle enhancement and providing vitality to your skin. You can simply go to sleep with a sleeping pack on during winter. 

A spatula comes along with the product. 
It's a product with a protection film inside. 

Take a look at the texture. 
The color is ivory and the texture is like custard cream!

The amount that you should use is described in the instructions. 
The volume of the product is 150ml and I am guessing you should be able to use for quite a long time. Of course, you'll finish it more quickly if you are also applying it on your neck. 
But the instruction recommends that I use it once to twice a week. So I should be able to use it for a long time. 




I put some on the back of my hand to test how well it got absorbed in the skin. 

 After applying on the back of my hand widely. 

After 2-3 minutes

This is when I've gently rubbed the cream with my fingers and it got absorbed into the skin even without rubbing it. Sleeping packs have to get absorbed quickly and I think this is perfect. 
It gets absorbed very well into the skin even if you apply a lot and it's rather sticky than moist. 


How to give your massage
One of the biggest advantages of HERA Age Away Massage Mask is that you only need to give your massage for about  two minutes. 
I might be thinking "would it really get absorbed with a 2 minute massage?". In fact, it gets absorbed very quickly. 

After using the product
The product didn't disturb my sleep because it wasn't sticky and also because it got absorbed into the skin in a short amount of time. The skin was not tight in the morning and it made my skin very flexible on the next day. The product made my skin a bit sore when I used it for the first time, but I got used to it after using it several times. 
As compared to the day before when I didn't have anything on my face, it felt a lot different after having used this product. My skin didn't become tight even after washing my face and my skin became a lot smoother. 
My makeups took better on the next day. I used to have lots of red blemishes on my face during winter and the thing that I liked the most about this product was that it calmed down my skin and my red blemishes. 

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