Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laneige Skin Veil Base SPF26 PA+ 30ml

Laneige Skin Veil Base SPF26 PA+ 30ml


The product that I am going to introduce is Laneige Skin Veil Base . :)

This is a must-have item for me because my skin tone is sort of yellow!
I have been using the Mamonde Brightening Fitting Base 
and bought Laneige's product because I wanted a most base. 


This is how big the product is. The volume is 30ml. 


This is the mouth 


and I chose the light green. 
The product that I bought was manufactured on January.31.2012. 

I pumped it once and rubbed it on my skin. 


I took a closeup photograph. 
It was extremely smooth and light. 

Can you see the differences? The left is my bare hand and the right is my hand that has applied the product. The skin became extremely smooth and soft. 
It's very shiny~


I applied the BB cream on top of the base. 

I also applied the BB cream on the area that I didn't apply the base. 
Doesn't the area that has applied the base definitely looks brighter and more neat?

It is very watery, light and smooth!

Mamonde's product was very heavy to the skin. 
I didn't really like their product because it was so heavy on the skin. 
But I really like this one because it's very light. 

I like it even more because it does not make you look like you have applied the base. 
I strongly recommend Laneige Skin Veil Base  because it is not too bright, calms down the skin, makes the skin a little brighter and also because it has a delicate gloss. 


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