Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Skin Food Pomegranate Hair Loss Shampoo

Skin Food Pomegranate Hair Loss Shampoo


This is the pomegranate hair shampoo that I am currently using!

I've tried using the citron shampoo, but it wasn't very satisfactory for a person like me who has a dry hair. It didn't create much foams and the lemon-like smell was very cheap. 

So I've decided to try  Skin Food Pomegranate Hair Loss Shampoo this time!


First of all, the design was satisfactory. LOL
But it's sort of small. In other words, it doesn't have much in it. 


The color is sort of like pomegranate. What's a little disappointing is that so little comes out when you pump it. You need to pump it several times. 

I think it created more foams than the citron shampoo and it had a better smell as well. 
The smell wasn't strong. I don't know how to describe it..
I guess It was sort of refreshing. Is this the smell of pomegranate? LOL


Massage it well on your hair. LOL
This shampoo is known to have effects for preventing your hair loss!
I should be able to know its effects when I use it regularly. LOL


It was sort of disappointing that it had so little contents in it.. but
it was a fairly good shampoo. LOL


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