Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SKINFOOD Acai Berry Mask 100g

SKINFOOD Acai Berry Mask 100g


The product that I would like introduce this time is SKINFOOD Acai Berry Mask. 
The volume is 100g. 

I really need to take a good care of my skin these days. :)
I personally like wash off packs very much!
Strangely, I don't really like sheet packs
because they are sort of sticky and the essence seems to remain on the skin. 
That's why I prefer wash off packs 
and this is one of the products that I like the most. :)
I don't know very much about other Skinfood products,
but these pack series are truly amazing. 
I am already almost done using this one. :)
Let's take a look at it. :)


This is how the product looks like. 
It looks very cute like a jar of honey!
It sort of like having honey jar at home. LOL
it's really an amazing product for the skin. LOL

 The description paper is attached to a rubber band that is very flexible 
and I think it can even be used as a hairband!

It's a mask pack that makes the dry skin moist by providing moisture and is also a mask mask pack that contains acai berries that are grown at the Amazon. 

The acai berries of Amazon are known as 'fruits sent by God' because it has so much nutrition in it. It is known to have anitioxidant effects and contain anthocyanin. :_)

All you have to do is simply apply the mask for about five minutes and wash it off water. 
But I usually it use it for about 15-20 minutes because I tend to use the product in a thick layer. :)


This is how the product looks like. 
The product description and the manufacturing date are written on bottom of the jar. 
Oh gosh~ There is so much English on it. My head hurts. :)

The product comes along with a spatula that's like an ice cream spoon. :)
The spatula is curved and I think it's very good for scooping out. 
It really looks like an ice cream spoon. 
I am very fond of this spoon because it also has the Skinfood logo on it. :)

Most of the products that are made of berries are red colored. 
I am not really sure, but I think it's because products with berries in it contain anthocyanin. 
It's a red colored mask and the texture is a little sticky and watery. :)
It will run down from your face if you apply too much. 
You shouldn't put too much on it. 
It smells like berries and it makes me want to eat them. 


As I've previously mentioned, the texture is a little sticky and watery. 
It's a non-transparent and watery pack that runs down after a certain amount of time. 
Please do not apply the product in a thick layer. :)

 These are the photographs of my test. 
The product contains small grains and I don't think you would have to worry about it because it doesn't irritate the skin or anything. I don't face the photograph of the product on my face. 
I forgot to take the photograph while I was using it because it was so good. 
I really had no time to take the photographs because I was busy using the product. 
I am telling you that it's that good. :)
It also feels quite crunchy as if they've put in the fruits. 
It's sort of crunchy...It feels like a watery jelly!

I tried using the product on my face and it had amazing effects for calming down the skin. I think its moisturizing effects are truly outstanding. 
I am almost done using one bottle and what I've felt was that it had amazing moisturizing effects and calmed down the skin. :)
I would like to strongly recommend this pack 
that can be used very easily and that isn't irritating to the skin. :)

The advantages of this product are its effects for cooling down the skin, moisturizing effects and its ability for calming down the skin. Also, your skin doesn't feel dry because it doesn't dry up very easily. 

Click here to purchase the product.


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