Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack

SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack



This is the Black Bean Nose Pack!
There are seven pieces in total. :)

The area that went in concavely is for the top of the nose
and the part that is bulging out is where you place your each sides of your nose. 
The front is made with a material that's close to a felt. :) The smooth area is the part that touches your nose. Take off the transparent vinyl and paste the smooth area on your nose. 

(You have to make your nose wet before you put this on. Or else it will fall off very easily)

I attached the pack after washing my face and making my nose wet!
Attach it to your nose as if you are taking the air out from the insdie. 
I stayed like this for about 15 minutes. :)

(You should stay like this for 15 minutes during summer and 10 minutes during winter)

I took it off very gently after 15 minutes. 
A lot sebum came out. LOL
I am sorry for the disgusting photograph. Let me compare it in a more clear way. 


The left is before using the product and the right after using the product!
I took a closeup picture so that you can see the differences more clearly. 
It's a really ugly picture even to myself.  LOL
I got the holes in my nose because the blackheads came off and the whitehead is nowhere to be seen. 


This is from the side!
I took the photograph from a different angle and my dots have somehow disappeared! 
LOL Where did it go?
I didn't erase them with Photoshop or anything. 
Similarly, I can see the pores because the blackheads got removed and the whitehead is still there.
(In cases like this, you should remove the whitehead with a cotton bud and wipe it off with a toner)


My personal evaluation on SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose Pack

Most cheap products aren't really effectively and they often tend to irritate the skin. 
But Skinfood was really different. :) I think it should be better if you use this product after opening up the pore with a steam towel! I touched my nose after using this product and I felt the difference. The effects aren't dramatic, but I would still recommend this product to you by considering its price!


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