Sunday, February 17, 2013

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Toner, Emulsion

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Toner, Emulsion


I have thin ears and I tend to buy whatever the product is  whenever I hear people say that it's perfect for the dry skin  or it's good the pimples. LOL
I found this product while I was looking for cheap product to buy because I finished using my skin and I didn't have much found!
I am continuously buying Skinfood's products because I really like their design and all of the products that I've used were quite good. 


I wondered why the content was green in the first place
and  I found out that the bottle was green. I think the volume is quite good!
I usually use a toner on a cosmetics cotton bud, even though I sometimes use my hands after washing my face. I think the toner dries up very quickly when I tap it. People say that your hands absorb the toner. 

Oh gosh~ look at my fat hands..



I think Skinfood's product design is one of their advantages!
I personally think it's amazing how they've written down the descriptions inside. 
I think it's very brilliant. 
It's sometimes very annoying.. but it's not a big problem. :)


I didn't use emulsions before because I have an oily skin. But I was wrong!!
You actually have to take of your skin even more when you have an oil skin!!

Even though I have an oil skin, I always have to put on the lotion because my skin gets extremely dry after washing my face. In the overall sense, it's moist and not very sticky. 
For such reason, you cannot use too much. 

The toner and the emulsion have a same design. 
I really liked the shape of the bottle and its vintage design. 
I bought it because they told me that I should use this product when I am getting pimples on my face. Even though I didn't see dramatic effects or anything, I can feel that my skin getting better. 
It is moist than sticky 
and I highly recommend it for those people who have oil skin because it contains more moisture than oil. 


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