Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lacvert LV Collagen Plus Vital Cream 60m

Lacvert LV Collagen Plus Vital Cream 60ml

This is Vital cream.

It is highly enriched textured elasticity cream that lifting our drooped skin tightly.

This product also has super collagen.
It is called, berry mix, asai berry, blue berry, gooseberry are contained, the vitamin is also abundant to prevent our skin from aging, also make our skin with freshly. 

Open it!
It is quiet heavy.

The lid is plastic cover, that other products that when open need lid to have some, but this product, does not have any trace in lid!

It colored white.
I have to use plastic spoon~
When applied, it is just soft cream, but picture does not.

Applied it, It absorbs very well like emulsion.
The review is also good.
You have to see my review and buy it.

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