Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Age Control Cream Review

I am very interested in QRAC these days. 
It's probably because it's an extremely important thing that is standing at the center of skin's well being as well as food. 

It's an abbreviation of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and it's refers to harmful oxygen's capacity of absorption. In other words, it's a official index for representing the anitioxidant ability  that can get rid of harmful oxygen in food or cosmetics. Most of the heal food and cosmetics that are gaining much popularity these days all have a high level of ORAC. 

Mamonde Age Control Cream is also a product with ORAC 3000. 
For it contains the exact the amount for preventing the aging of the skin, I would like to control the age of my skin like the product's name by applying it regularly. 

Name: Mamonde Age Control Cream
Volume: 50ml
Level of antioxidative activity:  ORAC 3000
Effects: An anti-aging cream that can be used very easily on the skin, for it provides a great sense of moisture without a sense of oil.  You can feel the flexibility as if someone is pulling up the skin, for  it fills up the fine wrinkles. 

Mamonde Red Flower that protects the skin's day 
Marigold: It has outstanding effects for restoring the skin's flexibility because it has abundant carotenoid antioxidative ingredients in it. 
Geranium: It has outstanding aroma effects because it has various fragrance, such as mint, citrus and fruits. 
Pansy: It makes the tired skin or sensitive skin bright and provides vitality. 
Daisy: It is used as a folk remedy because it contains a great amount of oleic acid. 


A skin structure care cream that provides moisture to the dry and damaged skin and a product that that fills up the fine wrinkles on your face. 

 It's a light beige cream. It's like a soft ice cream. 


Before applying.

 When I've placed the Age Control cream on my arm. 

It applied extremely smoothly and it got absorbed into the skin without heaviness. 
It seems to make me feel good with the delicate floral fragrance. 
The product doesn't have much oil in it and it's really hard to show you whether I've applied the cream or not through the photograph. It's sort of glossy and it provides a sense of moisture on the surface of the skin and the sense of flexibility only tells of the trace of QRAC. 

Mamonde Age Control Cream is a cosmetics that has been registered as a functional adenosine cosmetics for enhancing the wrinkles. As I've mentioned previously, adenosine is a lot more convenient to use compared to those functional cosmetics that enhance the wrinkles because it contains vitamin A and it can be used day and night. Furthermore, Mamonde Age Control Cream has used butylene glycol, which is a lot less stickier ingredient than glycerin, and it seems to have reduced the stickiness by using the synthetic oil. 
That is the end of my review on Mamonde Age Control Cream . 

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  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price