Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Eye Gel Review

I am going to be showing you Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Eye Gel, which is a product that Mi-yap has sent me last time. 
I actually wanted to give it to my grandmother. 
But I've decided to use it myself because my puppy chewed on it. 

Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing 
Eye Essence Gel 


I'll just skip the box because my puppy bit on it. 

Doesn't it really look like aqua~~?
It's a product that has gone through the dermatology test and
you should apply a moderate amount on the areas near your eyes after using the emulsion. 

This is the Aqua Fresh Series that 
provide instant moisture and purification to the skin. 

 It's an essence gel that relives the stress 
by providing moisture on the skin near your eyes that become very easily tired. 

It's a smart product that relieves stress 
and helps you to maintain the health of skin near your eyes. 


It's tube type product that you squeeze out. 
The texture is gel type just like the name. 

 It doesn't have much viscosity. It purely a watery gel type. 
That doesn't mean that it runs down very easily. 

 Doesn't it look really cool?
I was able to feel the freshness immediately after applying the product. 

I usually apply the marked area when I am applying an eye cream. 

 You know the skin near your eyes are extremely sensitive. 
Simply apply it on the eyelid and the skin under your eyes that are tired by the stress. 
And then apply what's left on top of your eyelashes. 


You know that the skin under your eyes are the areas that are most stressed out. 
That is why you get circles. Even though it'a very sensitive area and I am worried about it very much, I cannot give up the eye makeup. 

Let's take care of it while we are young. 

Can you feel the immediate sense of moisture?

It can be sort of dry because it doesn't have any sense of oil. 
I usually calm down the skin with a skin toner, apply this eye essence 
and finish it with the cream. 

The entire skin of my body is very rough and dry because it's summer. 
But I really have no choice but to take care of the sensitive skin near my eyes 

Mamonde Aqua Fresh Moisture Soothing Eye Gel

First of all, it's very convenient because it'[s a tube type product. 
The product that I used to have was very inconvenient 
because I had to use it with a spatula. But this one is very convenient. 

Also, you are able to feel the refreshing sense of moisture right after applying the product. 
I like it even better because it's a product that has gone through the dermatology test. 
The skin near my eyes was often very sore when I applied other products, but this product didn't make my skin sore because it's not heavy and also because it's a product in the moisturizing series. 

I highly recommend it for those people who are looking for a light product. 


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