Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mamonde Bloom Harmony Blusher and Highlighter

What a sunny day it is today!
It looks like spring is very near. 
I want to go on a picnic when spring comes. 
But before I do that, there is the white day!
I am sure a lot of people are worried about the makeup. 
I brought a pretty good blusher this time. 


Type: Volume Harmoney Blusher & Highlighter
Color: Rose pink

Mamonde has recently released a blusher that really caught my eyes. 

 The color is rose pink

I recommend that you buy the color that matches well with your lipstick. 


It's both a highlighter and a blusher that helps you to make your face bright, for it contains the attractive colors and the clear sparkles of floral leaves . 
The attractive gradation colors enable the product to be used as a blusher and a highlighter. 
It's been baked with the terra cotta method and it consists of high-gloss pearls of prism effects. 
the product is also known to contain rose leaf extracts. 

Isn't the color really pretty?
I fell in love with this color. 
The black body and the transparent lid really catch my eyes. 


There is Mamonde's logo at the center. 


It's actually quite rough when you actually see it. 
But the color has made a very natural gradation
and I really liked it because the color wasn't very strong. 


Can you see the rough particles?

 I took each gradation out on the back of my hand. 
Well.. My photographs do not seem to express the colors very well.
 The one on the top is the pink and the one on the bottom is the white highlighter. 

The highlighter stands out more if you slightly mix it. 

I took it out separately to test the colors. 

It creates a very natural skin tone if you mix and match it well. 
Doesn't it look extremely natural?

Let's seize the opportunity on the coming white day. 
Click here to purchase the product


  1. Mailed from Korea... Product look great and is worth the price

  2. Item was good and feel lightweight and looks natural on the skin. I like the consistency too as it isn't too thick or too watery. I like the product. Get it if you do not need much coverage.