Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream 50ml Review

This is MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream, 
which is one of the representative products of Mamonde!
I bought it because Mamonde Total Solution Series have been renewed this time. 

 I bought MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream because Mamonde's product are not very expensive. I tried using Mamonde Total Solution Moisture Cream before and the sticky feeling didn't seem to match very well on me at that time. 

 I went to the store because MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream had been renewed and I tested it at the store and bough it right away. 

 MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream seems to have pomegranate flowers in it. 
It seems like they are applying flowers into their products these days. 
The smell wasn't very strong. The fragrant smell was pretty good. 

 It says on the bottom of MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream 
that it's a 24 solution for skin troubles. 

It seems like trend these days is that people take a long time for moisturizing the skin. 
You don't stay around with the cream on for 24 hours and I didn't see why they actually had to do this. 


 The ingredients were written on the bottom of the box in small letters. 
I really have no idea what it is talking about. 

You can apply MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream in the morning and in the evening after washing your face. It's simply a cream. 


 It personally think the description that said it provides moisture for 24 hours is false. 
But I am satisfied by the fact that it's a product that provides wrinkle enhancement and whitening effects. 

I took out the MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream. 

 The design has change as they have renewed MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream. 
It used to be heavy before, but it feel a lot lighter and fresh now. 

 The volume of MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream is 50ml.
It has a lot in it by considering the price. 

 MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream is a pump type product. 
It's very nice that you can check the amount that is left in the bottle. 

This is how the mouth looks like. It's covered with a lid. 

 The pump wasn't that nice. I had to press it really hard. 
The amount that you see in the photograph is the amount that came out by pumping it once. 
I personally pump it 4-5 times. 

 This is the amount that comes out when you pump it once. 


It was light and moist, rather than chewy. 
The smell wasn't strong either. 

 I liked the smell of MAMONDE Total Solution Moisture Cream
and it was very light on the skin and the outstanding moisture effect was also very good. 
The skin on the outside felt like everything got absorbed and the inside felt very moist. 
What was sort of disappointing was that it didn't last as long as what the description said.

I think this is because I have dry skin. 
For your reference, I am personally using the mist before doing my makeup 
if I feel like there isn't enough moisture on the skin. 


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