Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Cell Power No1 Essence

OHUI Cell Power No1 Essence

I have a combination skin that has a lot of oil on the t-zone and the rest of the areas are slightly dry. The SUM essence was quite moist, but it didn't get rid of the dryness of the skin as I've expected. That's why I bought this product that gets rid of the dryness with moisture.  

I opened the actual product at last because there were so many samples. 
The 35ml essence and the 35ml essence for the refill were in this box. 

It not only has moisture, but also has abundant nutrition and the whitening function. 

I don't know why the photographs are not coming out very clearly today. 
I've been using this camera for my other reviews.
The crappy pictures really disappoint me. 

This is how the essence looks like. 
It's sort of big to fit in one hand. 
Even though it's only 35ml, I should be able to use it for a long time because I can apply it on my entire face by pumping it once. 

This is the essence for the refill. 
The instructions for the replacement is described on the box. 
So you should keep it well. 

I applied it on the back of my hand. 

My skin became moist right away. 

I took this photograph after it got completely absorbed into the skin. 
As you can see in the photograph, the moistness and the gloss remained on the right side. 
The left looks very rough and dry. 

The essence ran down from my hands after a while
because it was very watery. 

I was able to apply it on my entire face with the amount that came out by pumping it once because it was very watery. Even though this product is a highly enriched essence, it wasn't very heavy. I can say that it was a little sticky. 

In fact, I didn't expect much from this product because it was a boasting essence. 
But after all, I think I am more than satisfied with this product. 
It seems to enhance my skin because skin becomes very smooth and soft when I apply this product on my skin. 

Why don't you make a healthy skin with OHUI Cell Power No1 Essence

that provides both moisture and nutrition to the tired skin?

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