Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Mascara Double Spin 8ml

OHUI Mascara Double Spin 8ml

It's a spin mascara that spins in 360 degrees. This automatically rotating brush expresses a clean curve as if it is going against gravity. The highly flexible silicon brush that spines in 360 degrees creates a stunning and abundant look as the special formula gets applied on each and every eyelash. 

How to use OHUI Mascara Double Spin

1. Close your eyes and spin the brush in the direction of your eyelashes by pressing the switch. 
2. You can apply the mascara on each and every eyelash without lumps by sweeping the brush in the direction of your eyelashes.
3. You can also apply the mascara on the eyelashes below by rotating the brush in the opposite direction. 
4. Finish the delicate eye makeup look by doing the makeup on the other side by using the same method. 

Tip - When the rotating speed of the brush becomes slow, separate the lid on the top of the mascara and replace the battery. 

The box design of OHUI Mascara Double Spin is blue violet and has these circles that seem to make a whirlpool. As you can see in the photograph, the mascara is in the plastic case and the case of the battery is located on the bottom of that mascara. 

OHUI Mascara Double Spin has used the shiny metal for the body. 
The quality of shiny material is known read the fingerprints very well. 

The body becomes sharp as it goes down 

and there is a vibrating button on the grip. 
It's a simple and luxurious design that has the logo and the name of the product written on the front. 

OHUI Mascara Double Spin consists of the body and two batteries. 
It's very convenient to store them because they are in a separate case. 

You can put in the battery on the top area. 
You'll be able to find an empty space where you can put in the battery when you turn and open the lid. At first, the area is empty. So you should put the battery in and close the lid like in the photograph on the right. . 

OHUI Mascara Double Spin's brush is made of silicon that is both soft and flexible. 

As you can see in the photograph, the brush has regular intervals and it bent very well.
It was very convenient to use because of its flexibility. 

I tested the color on the back of my hand. The color was was black and it applied very well without lumping up. The fact that you can cleanse it very conveniently without having to use a remover because it's a product that can be used with warm water was one of the advantages of this product. 

I tried cleansing OHUI Mascara Double Spin. 
As you can see in the photograph, it got rid of the mascara extremely well when I applied it on the back of my hand and used warm water to wash it off. I didn't have to use a remover and it was very easy to do the cleansing because I only had to use warm water. 

I made a before and after comparison. 
Before using the product, my eyelashes were short and thin and it was sagging. 
After using the product, the eyelashes curled up and I had more eyelashes.
Also, I was able to do the curling a lot better after using the product. 

It was sort of inconvenient for me to use an ordinary mascara 
because my eyelashes often got pulled out and the mascara often stained my eyes 
when I used the eyelash curler. 

That's why I was very interested in vibrating mascaras and I was able to try it out this time. 

OHUI Mascara Double Spin is black and the color came out very clearly. Also it was very convenient to use because it was a product that spun 360 degrees and I was able to use it in any direction. 

It was a product that can be used by anyone because it didn't smudge. 

I was able to curl up the eyelashes without lumps because the automatic brush rotated by itself. All I had to do was place the product on my eyelashes and it created long and abundant eyelashes. 

It was a product that can be used by those people who is not able to use an eyelash curler in the busy morning or by those people who often smudged their own eyes by their shaking of hands. It was a vibrating mascara that can be used in all circumstances and I was able to easily wash it off with warm water. 

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