Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Dual Mascara Primer and Long Lash 10g

OHUI Dual Mascara Primer and Long Lash 10g

It has both the function of a primer and long lash. 

At first, you should pick the eyelashes with the curler and
gently apply this primer on the eyebrows. It looks sort of funny if you only apply this one. 

Then you you should turn this part and apply it again on the eyebrows. 

Even though it's sort of annoying that you have to apply the primer and the mascara again, 
it makes you look like that you have a lot of eyebrows even though it's a long lash mascaera. 
I was extremely surprised to see the eye makeup that is done by those clerks at the shop.
They would probably have done that because they wanted to emphasize the fact that it applied very beautifully like the eyebrows of dolls. But those makeups seemed like nylon strings attached to the eyes. I was sort of worried that it might turn my eyes like those dolls. But after all, it only made my eyelashes a bit thicker and that was it. It applied very well on me without lumping up. However, the liquid seemed to be lumping up a bit after about three months.
Even though the powder flies in the air a bit, I cannot say that it's that excessive or anything.
Anyway, I think it's a pretty good mascara.

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  1. I use it day and night. Hope I can be more beautiful.