Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI The First Cell Revolution Cream 45ml

OHUI The First Cell Revolution Cream 45ml

This is when I've only applied the boasting serum after washing my face. 

The First is a premium cosmetics that has been co-developed by CHA Stem Cells Institute's
know-hows and OHUI Skin Science Lab's cosmetics technology by analyzing the culture fluid of stem cells. 

It's a highly enriched total care cream that helps to restore a transparent and smooth skin for the aged skin, for it provides nutrition to the skin and also because it contains rHSCP, EGF and FGF. 

I do not have much left. 
I took out my camera very quickly because I felt that I had to write a review. 

I tested the product on the back of my hand. 
Can you feel the sense of nutrition?
It makes me feel that it's going to provide vitality to my skin. 

The skin stays very healthy until the next morning when you use it in the evening. 

I personally think it'a great product to use

whenever the skin is dry during winter, when the skin looks very old 
and also when it needs a sense of nutrition. 

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