Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Sun Science Luminous Whitening Sunblock SPF45 50ml

OHUI Sun Science Luminous Whitening Sunblock SPF45 50ml

The box is purely simple. I guess the packaging doesn't matter that much. 
The description on the box says that it protects the ultraviolet rays perfectly with SPF45/PA+++. 
Regardless of my terrible skin condition, I personally do not like products that have a high protection level of ultraviolet rays.
However, this product is absolutely gorgeous. 

This is how the back of the box looks like. The ingredients and instructions are written on it. 

This is how the front looks like. It's not very convenient to carry it around because it's actually quite big. However, it's not that bad. It's not a creamy texture. It's a watery texture and you can use it by shaking it three to five times. 

This is when I took the cream out on my hands. 
It looks very pretty. 
The reason why I've decided to buy this sunblock is because the fine pearls are stuck together very closely. It especially looked very pretty when I tried it out at the department store. Perhaps it was because of the lighting there. 

Perhaps it's because of the lighting, but the area with the sunblock became a lot brighter. 

The product didn't correct the skin tone that much. Even though it only has the gloss effects, I am quite satisfied with it because a glossy skin is very popular these days. 

Anyway, OHUI Sun Science Luminous Whitening Sunblock is really amazing!

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