Thursday, March 14, 2013

OHUI Sun Science Sun Remover Gel 100ml

OHUI Sun Science Sun Remover Gel 100ml 

This is OHUI Sun Science Sun Remover Gel (Cleansing Gel). 
it's been quite a while since I bought this product and I finally writing the review. 

The following are the products that are applied on the back of my hand. 
Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm tint, eyebrow, concealer and shadow. 

I am going to erase them by using the remover gel. 

This is when I applied the remover gel. The blue one is the one with the high viscosity. 

I rolled the gel for about a minute. 
It can be a bit dry at first. But it melts downs and becomes watery after some time. 

Then you wash it off with water. 

I rubbed my hands thoroughly so that I can completely remove the remover gel. 

Perhaps it's because this product is hydrophilic that it had completed got rid of the mascara that didn't get erased very well when I was rolling it. 

Even though this remover gel is a little more matt compared to the liquid, it didn't show a huge difference or anything. I personally think this gel type has better cleansing effects. 

I can see the sebum that comes out with my own eyes when I am doing the cleansing because I have a lot of them. I personally think liquid or gel-type products have the best effects on a person like me who has an extremely oily skin. 

I would definitely buy this product again when I am done using it.