Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sulhwasoo Ja-eum sang Jin-bon Oil Review


Sulhwasoo Ja-eum sang Jin-bon Oil is a one of the most famous products of Sulwhasoo. 
I don't usually use oriental products because oriental products have a lot of oil in it and also because they are very heavy on eh skin. I always apply the oil on my skin during winter and I was thinking about buying the product that I had been using once again. But I've decided to buy this one because the people around me had been telling me that this product is really famous. 

Brand: Sulwhasoo
Name of the product: Sulhwasoo Ja-eum sang Jin-bon Oil
Volume: 30ml
Skin type: Dry skin that lacks moisture

I tried the 5ml sample. 
The sample was designed like the original product and it was very luxurious and cute. 
It seems to have sprinkled gold dust on it. I really like it. 

Isn't it really small?
It's a dropper type product. 
You can use it by taking out the amount that you need on your palm. 


 I dropped four or five drops because I am going to use it by mixing it with the cream. 
(I usually apply skin care products in great amount. In normal cases, you should use half the amount that you see in the photograph) For the original product, two drops will be enough because the dropper is bigger. I sort of got nervous when I opened the lid because it smelled like ginseng. The texture was similar to those ordinary oil products. 

This is after finishing the skin care. 
I'll now apply Sulhwasoo Ja-eum sang Jin-bon Oil and the cake cream by mixing them. 

 I placed it on my palm and mixed it with my ring finger. 

This is after completely absorbing the product into the skin. It's a lot more moist and glossy. 
I was able to do the rolling a lot better compared to when I only used the cake cream. I really like i because the sense of moisture lasted for a long time and also because it seems to have made my skin smoother. The product that had been using made my skin dry even if I applied a lot, but Sulhwasoo Ja-eum sang Jin-bon Oil seems to be last very long with if I apply a small amount. 

It seems to have twice the effects of absorption and moisture when I use the product by mixing it with a cream. It's very easy to spread it on your skin by mixing it with a cream even with a small amount and it also prevents the dryness of the skin because the sense of moisture and glossiness remain on the skin for a long period of time. I am sure that there are people out there who do not like the oriental fragrance. But you do not have to worry about it so much because the fragrance disappears quite quickly. I encourage you to rub it until the content gets fully absorbed into the skin because it's extremely important that oil gets completely absorbed.