Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum Review

People say that I have to constantly take care of my skin when I am still young and I using a lotion that can be used in four seas because I had to pay some attention to the body as well.
I bought Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum because it was very popular. The volume is 250ml. 

There is the description on the back. The oriental oil is known to provide a deep sense of moisture to the body. 

I bought the 250ml bottle because this was the only one left. They are selling the 400ml bottle at the department store and I think profitable to buy the bigger one. 


I took out the Sulwhasoo Essentrue Body Serum on my arm. Can you can see how watery it is?

You need to apply it more carefully than ordinary lotions because it runs down very easily. Or else, it messes up the area where you are standing. But it applies very well on the skin because it's very watery. 

 It gets absorbed into the skin like in the photograph and it has the feeling of oil because it contains oil. However, it gets absorbed into the skin better than the lotion. 

Also, it has the unique oriental smell of Sulwhasoo. But it shouldn't be that disturbing because it's quite delicate. 

For your reference, I personally like the soft feeling after applying the product because I do not have an extremely dry skin. Bu those people who have dry skin may want to use something else after applying this product. 

 I already used this much after fifteen days. I get to use a lot because it's an oil type product. 

By looking at the fact that I already used this much when I only applied it on my arms and legs, I should probably finish the 250ml bottle in a month if I apply it on my entire body. 

Evaluation - Even though it's a body product, the price is expensive, 
and even though it's true that you finish using a bottle within a month if you apply it on your entire body, I am very satisfied with this product because it gets absorbed into the skin very fast and also because I like the soft feeling after applying the product. 

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