Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sulwhasoo Jaemsang Cream Review

This is my first review on cosmetics. 

A lot of visitors came to my blog after writing a review and I got so excited. 
That's why I am writing another one. 

The cosmetics that I am going to review this time is
Sulwhasoo Jaemsang Cream. 

It's product of Amore Pacific - Sulwhasoo and 
and it's one of my favorite basic cosmetics of Sulwhasoo. 

In fact, I do not have the original product. 
But I think I deserve to write a review 
because I've been using the sample for about a month. 

I personally think you should write a review on cosmetics after using it for some time.

I think you should use the tone product (including BB creams) and makeup product for at least a week and use the basic cosmetics for at least a month before writing a review. 

That reason why I say this is because 
the the effects that you see in the photographs, 
the color that you see under the sun after using it for some time and
the skin that you touch after using the product are so much different. 

I am going to review my review about this product 
because I've already used this product for about a month. 

As always, the resolution of my photograph are really bad. 

Product description

This is what Sulwhasoo's website says about this product. 
Ginseng and the berries of ginseng enhance the skin from deep inside, and milk vetch root  and mulberry root delays the aging of the skin by creating a clear and glossy skin. The abundant nutrition get absorbed into each layer of the skin to strengthen the inner and the outer skin in an extremely moist way. 

Main ingredients and technology

Enzyme-processed red ginseng saponin

The compound K of red ginseng that's been enzyme-processed are known to remove the traces of aging of the skin. 

Ginseng berries

The ginsenoside Re of ginseng berries strengthen the skin's barriers and 
enhances the skin's flexibility and nutrition. 

Oriental capsules

The capsules that contain the enzyme-processed red ginseng saponin, milk vetch roots and mulberry roots effectively delivers and maintain the effective ingredients fresh. 

Put to it simply, it's a highly enriched ginseng cream!
I was able to smell the fragrance of ginseng very strongly 
when I took it out on the back of my hand. 

Concentrated Ginseng Cream

This is the sample that I had been using for about a month. 
Of course, that doesn't mean that I've used it for over a month with that sample alone. 
I was able to use it once or twice with a sample. 

It's 'Concentrated Ginseng Cream' in English. 

I have a photograph that has captured the texture. 
But the photograph didn't come out very well. 
So I will just use this one. 

Well.. First of all, the color isn't perfectly white. 
I guess it's sort of ivory. 

The color is sort of like the color of ginseng's inner skin. 
It simply smells like ginseng and 
the texture is very chewy. 

Even though it's a highly enriched cream, it spreads very well on the skin and 
it's sort of heavier than ordinary moisturizing creams. 

You probably won't be able to feel it very well through the photograph,
but here is the photograph. 

I applied the cream on the right side and 
it applied very well and it seems to have some gloss as if it has created an oil layer
on the surface of the skin. 

In fact, you shouldn't expect this product to be refreshing
because this is not a moisturizing cream. 

It seems like it has more moisture in it and it also seems to provide vitality to the skin rather than provide moisture. 

In fact, the motto of Sulwhasoo Jaemsang Cream is 
'The original power of the skin that awakens as ginseng crystal'. 

I took a photograph in a different angle. 

I took this photograph after 20 minutes. 

It actually looks what you see in the photograph. 

It looks like a thin layer has been created on the surface of the skin. But when you actually touch it, it's not the kind of moisture that has a lot of oil. It makes me feel that it has provided the exact amount of moisture. In fact, the skin on the back of your hand and the skin of your face are quite different. Even though there is nothing much to learn by testing it on the back of your hand, I did it anyway because I want to show you the texture. 

In fact, the instruction of Sulwhasoo Jaemsang Cream says that I should apply the product in the morning and in the evening, but I usually don't apply it in the morning because it takes so much time to dry up if I apply this product and other products. I usually apply it in the evening as if I am using a sleeping pack. 

If I do that, my skin becomes extremely shiny in the morning
and I can hear my skin say that "I've got a lot of nutrition!"
because the my skin is very moist after washing my face. 

Also, what's good about this product is that the skin becomes really nice when you apply the First Care Serum, Jaeum water, Jaeum Milky Liquid and Yemin Essence or Jinseol and apply
Jaemsang Eye Cream and Jaemsang Cream even when you go out very early in the morning and come back home very late. 

The product is extremely expensive. 
Even though I am only using the samples right now because I am still young. 
But I think it's definitely worth investing your money. I would definitely buy the original product when I am older. You can probably get the skin treatment four or five times with 230,000 KRW. 
But when we say that you can take care of your skin 2.5 times or two times with 1ml, it's 120 times. When we say that you skip two days in a week and apply it five time a week, you can apply this product for about 24 weeks. I personally think it's definitely worth investing your money if you can use it for about six months . 

I strongly recommend it. You definitely have to buy this!

Level of satisfaction: ★★★★★

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