Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sulwhasoo Jinseol Essence Review

Sulwhasoo Jinseol Essence
Volume: 50ml

I am using the sample again. 
I am getting so many samples no matter how much I use them. 

It always feels better to use the samples. 

The ivory cream

Even though it has a sense of oil, it's not that glossy or anything. 
However, I have such a dry skin right now. 

The face is quite okay because I sprayed this and that, but my body is extremely dry. So I am pouring the oil on my body. The product didn't seem like it was very good when I applied it on my face. It had a bit of oil in it and I liked it because it had a refreshing finish. I liked it on my body because it felt a lot more comfortable than other lotions. 

But it didn't resolve all those problems for me because I have a such a dry skin right now. 
But I can say that it was better than other products. 

I think it's a pretty good essence that can be applied in winter. 
It says that it's an essence. But it's actually a lotion. 

Even though you can feel a bit of oil after applying the product, it has a very light finish. 
It doesn't push away your makeup and it was pretty good when I was doing my makeup.

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  1. definitely worth the money. It has a bit of fragrance that is not overpowering when you use it.