Friday, March 29, 2013

Sulwhasoo Snowise Balancing Water 100ml Review

A gel type balance water that makes the skin wet as it gets absorbed into the skin deeply and quickly. 

Product Description
It's an oriental gel type balance water that creates the environment of the skin for an effective whitening effect. The paper mulberry and soybean extracts calms down the dead skin on the surface of the skin to help the whitening ingredients in those other products get absorbed into the skin more effectively. It adheres on the skin extremely well and makes make the skin moist by providing a deep sense of moisture. 

Ingredients and technology
Paper mulberry extracts
- It prevents the pigmentation by hindering the active tyrosinase that are known to synthesize melanin and subtilisin are known to optimize those whitening ingredients by arranging the dead skin on the surface of the skin. 

Soybean extracts
- It provides moisture to the skin, for it contains natural moisturizing factors. 

How to use
Take out the Sulwhasoo Snowise Balancing Water on your palm in the morning and in the evening  and apply it in the direction of your skin. 

The design is quite similar to the original product. 
It's like a smaller version of the original product. 
The size looks appropriate and it should be good to carry it around when you are travelling. 

The name of the product and the volume are written on the back of the product.
The design is very neat. 


 The texture isn't too watery nor too sticky. 
I guess I can say that it's in between water and an essence. 
The texture definitely looks moist because it has a bit of viscosity. 

Fragrance & Color
It's a transparent toner. 
It's a kind of fragrance that makes me think that this is why people are admiring Sulwhasoo so much. It's not a strong smell, but it's got a very dense oriental fragrance. 

How well it applies on the skin

캡션 추가

I think it applies very smoothly and refreshingly on the skin without any stickiness. 
I like it because it's very cool and also because it applies very smoothly. 
The heat on my face seems to go down a little. 
The product has the heat care system just like the rest of midnight series. 

Absorption / Stickiness

It feels like alcohol is evaporating, but it's not dry on the skin. It got absorbed quite quickly when I did the rolling several times. It doesn't have any stickiness and the skin feels a lot more soft because it's a toner.I am quite sure that you can feel the sense of moisture in the photograph. 
The surface of the skin has become a lot more smooth after using the product. 

The function for removing the dead skin
I am not quite sure if it had completely removed the dead skin, but the surface of the skin has definitely become smoother. However, the price of the product is sort of expensive to use it to remove your dead skin by putting the content on a cosmetics cotton. I think it's better to use this product after removing the dead skin with a different product. 


                                        before                                                after
Didn't my skin become a lot more moist in the photograph?
I really like it because it seems to have made my skin smooth. 

I also applied Sulwhasoo Snowise Balancing Water on my face. 
I liked it very much because it didn't run down very easily. 

 Even though Sulwhasoo Snowise Balancing Water alone won't provide whitening effects, it does seem to remove the red flush on my face to a certain extent. The red flushes on my face have become a lot better by the coolness because it's an essence type product that has the function of heat care. 

As it is described in the product description, Sulwhasoo Snowise Balancing Water is a product that contains whitening ingredients and that helps the absorption. I think it's good to use Sulwhasoo Snowise Balancing Water because it helps the ingredients in other products to get absorbed into the skin . My skin usually becomes very dry when I apply the toner. But this product had an extremely moist feeling.   
It makes the surface of the skin smooth and it seems to have got rid of the dryness because it's moist. It's a refreshing toner that gets absorbed very fast and it only leaves the refreshing feel on the skin. You should be able to use it a lot longer than those watery type products because the volume of the original product is 100ml and also because it's a toner that has a bit of viscosity. I personally think 60,000 KRW is not a very expensive price because I can use it a lot longer than other products. It's now time to do the whitening in preparation of the change of seasons and I think the functions of this product are really nice because it is known to help the absorption of those whitening ingredients. 

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