Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sulwhasoo Yeseo Foundation (Liquid) (SPF15/PA+) Review

Sulhwasoo Yeseo foundation (Liquid) (SPF15/PA+) Review


Yeseo base (left) / Yeseo foundation (right)

Yeseo base (liquid)
Volume: 30ml
The color of the sample that I tried out was no.40 light purple. 

Yeseo foundation (liquid)
Volume: 30ml
The color of the sample that I tried out was no.23 relaxed. 

Sulwhasoo is one of my favorite brands. 
I found the protection films of Sulwhasoo's base and foundation on my mom's dressing table after trying out a few of their basic cosmetics and while I was curious about their makeup cosmetics. It wanted to write a review right away when I saw those protection films!! :)

I tried out the product with a lot of expectations because Sulwhasoo is one of my favorite brands. :)

 This is when I applied the sun cream, Yeseo base and Yeseo foundation. 

Yeseo foundation sort of reminded me of 
old women's makeup because the color was light purple. 
The recent trend doesn't use those products that have colors in it. Even though the product has colors in it, we usually use a transparent liquid primer or do the makeup for the skin tone 
with a foundation, moisturizer or a peal base  rather than applying a green or a purple base after softly applying the twin cake. 

Making the skin tone bright with a green or purple base reminds me of my old makeup.
I remember myself making my face only white with that green base. 


The foundation got applied on the skin quite thickly today because I applied it with my hands. :)
Both the base and the foundation didn't run down even though they are both liquid type products. Both of them were sort of like cream. 
I was worried that it might not apply very well on the skin because they weren't watery. 
But it spread very well on the face. :)
I thought that it would push away my makeup because it was very thick like cream. 
But I was very surprised because it didn't push away the other makeup. 

I thought that I bought the wrong color because it was very red when I first applied it on my face. But the color actually matched very well on my skin after some time. 

The foundation was no.23 and it was brighter than my skin color. 
Also, even though the color was very bright, it didn't make the look of my face beautiful. 

My skin looked extremely glossy and nice when I first applied the product because of the oil. (I have dry skin) But when I checked it out little later, it didn't get applied on my skin very well. It also had brought the dead skin into greater attention. 
However, my skin looked really good when the foundation got completely absorbed into the skin after some time. 

This is the condition of the skin that I am talking about. 
When it got completely absorbed into the skin. The gloss is very nice and the skin looked extremely good. What was sort of disappointing about this product was that it had this red color in it. My skin matches better with those foundations that are a bit yellow. 
What's interesting about this product is that it makes skin sort of red. 

Also, I think Yeseo Foundation seems to create a skin that looks healthy when you use it together with Yeseo base. The covering capability was also very outstanding. However, it felt like it applied to the skin quite thickly. One of the foundations that has a great covering capability is Estee Lauder's Double Wear. 
Even though Yeseo Foundation has a great covering capability, it applies to the skin quite thickly, whereas Estee Lauder's Double Wear has a great covering capability and also sticks onto the skin very in a very thin way. It would have been applied to my skin thickly because I used my hands to apply the foundation. However, I never heard people say this to me before and one of my friends told me today that my makeup is very thick. 

My friend is so sharp. 
Despite all that, I didn't have to use a concealer because the product's covering capability was so good. Also, it wasn't dry while I was applying the product because it had a lot of moisture in it. However, I personally think the product can be a little disturbing for those people who have oily skin. 

Oh. I almost forgot. The product seems to irritate the skin a little. 
I got two really huge pimples on my forehead after doing the cleansing. 
By looking at how the pimples had popped, the product seems to have blocked the pores while using this product. I've tried using a lot of base and foundations before, but this never happened. 

Even though the product definitely made the skin look good,
it was a base and a foundation that had suffocated the skin and that looked thick. 
Even though Sulwhasoo's other product are also pretty nice, I think their basic cosmetics are the best. 


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