Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUM37 Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation 15g 2EA

SUM37 Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation 15g 2EA

I bought SUM Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation a few days ago.

I should have taken the photographs right after the product came.. but I wanted to put them on my skin as quickly as possible. Oh gosh.. Look at them. The liquids are still on the antibiotic ruby cell puff.

You need to seal the cushion-type foundations very well in order to avoid moisture from flying away. It looks like SUM's containers are sealed very tightly with that transparent thingy. (5 stars for the container!)

I just tried to press on it hard.
And not much liquid foundation came out. I expected more than this! :(
I am little disappointed by this. 

I applied the foundation on my hands.
My skin is in a cool tone  and  considered to be white. 
Everyone who sees me talk about my veins and feel that I am extremely white.
This No.1 clear beige was a bit dark.
I believe it will be just right for normal skins. (No. 21)
However, those who like to do their make-ups white in contrast to their necks among the one who are using no.21  would feel that it is a bit dark~~

In addition, the foundation gave a strong red feeling, kind of like the bricks.

As you can see, people can see my veins. 
The only advantage that I have is that my skin is white.
I get a lot of freckles as well and I have a kind of skin that has pimples 
when my period comes near or if I go into a dirty bathroom. 

Now~ I want you to look at  the photograph of myself before the make-up and also the photograph after I put on the SUM Moist Cushion Foundation. I want you to see how much it changed.

Ta-da! I am done with it.
Am I the only one who's feeling that the skin has become more dark?
I could see the glossiness but the cover-up isn't all too satisfying. 

I feel that its cover-up function isn't as good as IOPE.. but being more natural can also be attractive. Furthermore, the form of the content was more than products by IOPE and HERA. I felt as if it was not staying close on my face. 

However, this product can be an outstanding choice for those people who didn't like the excessive oily glossiness by IOPE/HERA because it is way more natural. 

One of my friend uses IOPE and she told me that she got a lot of small pimples after using IOPE. IOPE contains a lot of oil and makes your face very shiny in an oily way. 
But this product does not have such feelings. I feel that it has more essence in it. 
So I feel kind of relieved whenever I am doing make-ups. 
If you are planning to buy this, I want you to have a test on yourself before you actually buy them. 

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