Thursday, March 14, 2013

SUM37 Water-Full Moisture Cream 50ml

SUM37 Water-Full Moisture Cream 50ml

The 'SUM37 Water-Full Moisture Cream' is the product that I bought
while I was traveling in the Philippines last time~!! LOL :) 

I bought it because I've been hearing a lot of people say that 'SUM37 Water-Full Moisture Cream' is good and I was curious about~!! i I opened up the 'SUM37 Water-Full Moisture Cream' that I've carefully placed on my dressing table after finish using the CLINQUE moisture cream. LOL :) This is how it looks like when you open the lid.

It is rather blue than transparent because it is a cream-type product.

The skin becomes moist when you put on them. In the overall sense, the cream was a bit heavy as compared to CLINIQUE products, but it was quite nice with a long-lasting sense of moisture. And the fragrance...was perhaps a bit like the deep sea water.
It was very refreshing and I don't know how to put it... but anyways, it's the fragrance of the deep sea water. LOL :) The upper side of my hand is the part that I didn't put the lotion on and the lower part is the part that I put the lotion on.

As you can see, the lower part seems a bit more moist!
In fact, I bought this product on the online duty-free shop by a mistake. :(
I actually wanted to buy the SUM37 Water-Full Timeless Gel Cream, but I guess this wasn't a bad choice after all. I don't have much regrets. Even though my skin type is a combination of oily skin and despite the fact that it was a bit heavy on my skin, it was actually a perfect product to use during autumn and spring because I've been feeling the dryness of the skin recently!

My personal evaluation ★★★★☆

The advantages of SUM37 Water-Full Timeless Moisturizing Cream 

1. It stays moist for the entire day.
2. The fragrance is refreshing and it applies very well on your skin.
3. It would be a great choice in dry weather for those who have oily combination skin because it is rather similar to a light nutrient cream. 

The disadvantages of SUM37 Water-Full Timeless Moisturizing Cream

1. You may get surprised when you're using it for the first time because it gives a heavier sense of feeling. However, it isn't too discomforting.
2. For those who have oily combination skin, it would be better to use it during spring, autumn and winter when the weather becomes extremely dry, rather than using it during summer. 

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