Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whoo Bichup - Ja Saeng Essence 45ml

Whoo Bichup - Ja Saeng Essence 45ml


This is an extremely famous product among people and I got it as a gift from a friend of mine. 

Whoo Bichup - Ja Saeng Essence is known as The Whoo's representative essence that takes care of the skin troubles by providing energy to the skin. The product contains extremely precious ingredients that are known to be effective for vitalizing the skin. It is known that your skin will receive a tremendous amount of energy when you use this product everyday for about to weeks. It's a product that helps to enhance wrinkles, provide high moisture, provide flexibility and enhance the look of the face. 

Let me now begin my review. 


This was how the product looked like when I received it. 
I was very excited even before opening the product because the case was very luxurious and pretty. They've packaged the product so well and I think it can be a great product for a gift. 


I opened the product. 

The product lied on a smooth golden silk. 
Whoo has always paid a great attention on their product design and 
I believe the design of this product is especially pretty. 

The size was pretty big as an essence. 
Even though It fits in one hand, it was very big and pretty. 
The container itself was very light, but it felt heavy because of the content inside. 
The lid was also very cute. 

I had to pour the essence for most other product, but this product used a pumping type container.  Also, the area that you lay your finger was very stable. 
The product pumped very smoothly and the right amount came out when I pumped it. 
I was able to realize that a carefully designed product was really different. 

The content was transparent and had a golden color. 
It was sort of sticky when I touched it with my fingers. 
It gets absorbed very smoothly into the skin when you apply it and let it absorb. 

What was amazing about this product was that
it got absorbed so quickly into the skin when I gently pressed it with my fingers
even though the texture was quite sticky. I've never used a product like this in my life. 
It's extremely soft. I personally do not like cosmetics that are sticky because I have an oily skin.  But this product was different. Even though the texture was a bit sticky, it applied very comfortably on the skin. I was able to understand why this product was so famous among people. 

I really encourage you to use this product. 
You might become a big fan of 'Whoo'. :)


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